Songurutit Performers

“Songurutit” meaning “We are Strong” is a group of performers that will be performing this evening at the Primary School in Nain.

Tim Borlase is one of the members who led the group of 10 players.

Borlase says that the play that they will be performing is focused on lost and found, losing your language, culture, hunting grounds and identity is devastating with support and guidance is possible to find them again.

Borlase adds that the play is focused on a woman named Annie, which is played by all 10 performers.

They show her life story in a different life.

The play will begin this evening at 7pm, with free admission.

Donations will be accepted to help support Rod, Alice Pilgrim and family either monetary or material.

The group was started as part of the Nunatsiavut Governments Traditions and Transitions Project.

After the performance this evening, the group will continue with more members being welcome to join the group.

For more Information you can contact Carolyn Nochasak or Tim Borlase.