Five New Cases of COVID-19

Today, December 3rd, Newfoundland and Labrador has five new confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the last public advisory. Contact tracing by Public Health is underway and anyone considered a close contact has been advised regarding quarantine according to current guidelines.

In the Eastern Health region:

One between 40-49 years of age.

The case is a female and is a contact of a previously known case.

In the Western Health region:

One between 20-39 years of age; and,

Three between 50-59 years of age.

There are three females and one male. Two cases are contacts of previously known cases and two are under investigation.

There have been seven new recoveries, four in the Eastern Health region and three in the Western Health region and 2,019 people have recovered. There is no one in hospital because of COVID-19.

There are currently 20 active cases of COVID-19 in the province. The regional breakdown of the active cases is as follows:

Eastern Health – 8

Central Health – 4

Labrador-Grenfell Health – 0

Western Health – 8

The number of tests that have been administered is not available at this time due to the ongoing IT outage.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

The Department of Justice and Public Safety is kicking off a holiday fire safety campaign to provide tips on how to help you protect yourself and your family this holiday season.

Once a week during the month of December, the department will issue a Public Advisory to ensure residents keep fire safety top-of-mind as you celebrate the holidays.

As you begin to ‘Deck the Halls,’ remember that while the lights of the Christmas season bring a festive and warm atmosphere to trees, boats and homes, you should take these steps to help manage lights safely:

– Purchase the appropriate lights and accessories for the job, such as outdoor lights and extension cords for the exterior and interior lights for inside the home;
– Never use lit candles to decorate your tree;
– Purchase the proper clips and hangers for your lights. Avoid using nails, screws and staples;
– Inspect light strings and extension cords before use. If there is any sign of damage to the cords or light sockets, they should not be used;
– Ensure extension cords have a rating that meets your needs, and if it is being used outside, the cord must be designated for exterior use;
– Never overload electrical outlets;
– Avoid stringing different light types together. For example, do not plug a string of new LED lights into an older, incandescent one; and
– Never pinch extension cords by running them through doorways or windows.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety wishes all residents a safe and happy holiday season.

Wolverine Shield Volleyball Tournament

The Annual Wolverine Shield Volleyball Tournament in Makkovik will be going ahead this year.

The Wolverine Shield Volleyball tournament will be for men and women ages 13 years and older with an admission fee of $15 per player.

Each team must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 players.

It will take place at the J.C Erhardt Memorial School Gymnasium from Monday, December 27th to Wednesday the 29th, 2021.

The deadline to register your teams is on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2021.

Coastal Christmas Concerts

The schools along the coast are getting ready for the Christmas holiday.

Students will begin their Christmas holidays on December 22nd and will be back to school on January 4th, 2022.

Arlene Flowers is the principal for the Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale.

She says that they will be having their concert different this year.

Weather permitting, the concert will be outside on December 15th and will be a sing-along for the students, teachers, and parents.

She also said that Santa Claus will also be invited.

In Postville, Carmine Sheppard is the principal for the B.L Morrison Memorial School.

She says they will be having their concert virtually with a date yet to be determined.

Dion Rideout is the principal for the J.C Erhardt Memorial School in Makkovik.

Rideout says they will be having their concert virtually this year with the students filming their performances.

He adds that there is one teacher putting it together.

Steve Brazil is the principal for the Northern Lights Academy in Rigolet.

He says that there is a tentative date for their concert.

Weather permitting, the concert will be outside with kindergarten to Grade 9.

“The students will be doing their performances in Inuktitut and English”, Brazil says.

The Canteen will also be open if anyone would like to buy some snacks.

Air Ambulance Changes Recommended

The three Labrador Member of House of Assembly (MHA’s) are recommending changes to the provinces Air Ambulance System.

Independent MHA’s, Perry Trimper and Lela Evans and the NDP’s Jordon Brown are suggesting changes they say will enhance efficiency and reduce overall costs.

With Labrador having only part time coverage, private operators are having to respond to emergencies.

They say this can be changed by establishing a single entity of government to operate the entire organization, rather than the three currently overseeing it.

They also recommend a single authority for Air and Ground Ambulance within the same entity of government, as well as leasing a third KingAir 350 to be based in St. John’s, and hiring additional pilots and medical flight staff for Goose Bay to be available for full time response.

They are sharing their recommendations with Health Accord as part of the consultation process.

Torngat Fisheries fall Meeting (Audio)

Torngat Fish Producers and its Board of Directors’ annual fall season meeting concluded last week.

Keith Watts is the General Manager.

He says the meeting went well and all board members attended.

The issues dealt with were financial statements, and Christmas Hampers donations.

Click here to hear Watts give you more details.

Coastal Community Freezers (Dated Dec. 2, 2021)

One of our OK Radio staff contacted each community freezers in each of the five Nunatsiavut communities to see what they have to offer.

In Postville, they have char, cod and salmon.

In Makkovik, they have char and cod fish.

In Hopedale, they have cod, chicken, fries and nuggets.

In the Nain community freezer, they have some char, seal, cod liver and ducks.

We will get Rigolet’s community freezer once it becomes available.

Wood Energy Transfer Technology Program (Dated Dec. 2, 2021)

The Nunatsiavut Government is calling for participants for a Wood Energy Transfer Technology certification program that will be happening in Rigolet from January 24 to 30th, and February 7 to 13th, 2022.

The program is open to beneficiaries who can travel to Rigolet for those two one-week sessions. Accommodations and travel will be paid, and participants will be given per diems for food.

This training will help participants to become certified high efficiency Woodstove inspectors and installers.

If you have any questions or is interested in this program, please send your name, beneficiary number, employer and home community to, or call Nick Mercer at 709-899-0041.

TaKuaKautik Food Giveaway (Dated Dec. 2, 2021)

The TaKuaKautik Food Bank will be having another giveaway on Thursday, December 16th, 2021.

They would like to have the giveaway a little earlier so that they can have it before the Christmas holidays.

It will be taking place at the warehouse from 6 to 8pm.

So, if you have food bank bags, please return them to the yellow container on the steps at the Warehouse.

If there’s anyone that would like to get a bag, can call Brenda Jararuse at the Nunatsiavut Government at 922-2942.

MusicNL Awards Presented (Dated Dec. 2, 2021)

The first of the awards for MusicNL were handed out on the evening of Tuesday, November 30th at the industry reception in St. John’s, and 8 industry awards and two honorary awards were handed out.

Lynda Byrne was given the Unsung Hero Award, while Jim Paine received the Industry Builder Award.

VOCM’s Greg Smith was named the Media Person of the Year.

Showcases began with a show at the Rock House on George Street and all music awards will be presented at the gala on Saturday, December 4th, 2021.

The Event of the Year was presented by Canadian AV Inc- Spirit Song Festival.

Here are the Industry Awards Winners:

Graphic Artist of the Year Presented by Pattison Outdoor: Krista Power.

Industry Professional of the Year presented by CNA: Natasha Blackwood.

Media Person of the Year presented by Ray Agency: Greg Smith.

Music Educator of the Year presented by Long and McQuade: Adam Baxter.

Outstanding Company of the Year presented by Nosworthy Chapman: First Light.

Venue of the Year presented by George Street Association: The Ship Pub.

And Volunteer of the Year presented by The National Connector Program: Nick Tsui and Christopher Deacon.

We hope to get more information on the awards presented next week.