COVID-19 Update

Public Advisory: No New Cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Today (Tuesday, January 19), Newfoundland and Labrador has no new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The province has five active cases.

There has been one new recovery in the Eastern Health region.

This means 384 people have recovered from the virus.

One person is in hospital due to the virus.

To date, 76,740 people have been tested.

Nain Husky Centre Opens for Minor Hockey

Nain Husky Centre will open tomorrow for Minor Hockey and winter activities.

Here is the Arena Schedule:

For today, Tuesday, January 19:
3:30 pm – Initiation Novice (4-8 years of age)
4:30 pm – Sanitize and ice maintenance
5 pm – Atom n Peewee (under 12 under 13)
6 pm – Sanitize and ice maintenance
7 pm – Bantam and Midget (under 15 under 14) under 18
8 pm – Sanitize and ice maintenance
8:30 pm – Juvenile (18-20 years of age)

Skate sharpening is available with a cost $8 and are asked call and make an appointment with Edward Flowers or Ed Harris.

Registration forms are available at the arena and we will also have arena schedules to give out.

Please note that all minor hockey players must dress up at home and you will put your skates and helmet on in the rink.

You must also practice social distancing and only one parent will be allowed to attend practices due to COVID-19 protocols.

December Review 2020

The last month of 2020 was a hard year for lot of people and also in a lot of ways everywhere, due the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Dec 2, the birth of Nunatsiavut marked 15 years and the establishment of self – government on Dec 1.

Dec 3, the second round of the COVID-19, Emergency Response Program was completed after a review was done.

The province worked on a plan for when the vaccine would become available, and said it will be different from the flu shots where a large number of doses will be given at once.

Dec 4, the Nain Community Freezer received its first boxes of moose meat and more will to be sent in a later date.

Dec7, the Provincial Government put together a Pfizer vaccine logistic team made up of government officials including Health Minister John Haggie and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Janice Fitzgerald.

Labrador Marine Inc announced the Kamutik W going on its last run up the north coast

A tribute and recognition was announced to a well known Nain elder, Rod Pilgrim.

Dec 11, the Early Childhood Education graduation went ahead in Nain for 8 students.

Nunatsiavut Group of Companies announced that they will match the $54,500 donation the NG is making for food banks and community freezers in Nunatsiavut towns and Upper Lake Melville.

Torngat Fish Producers Co-operative annual fall season meeting went ahead in Goose Bay.

Dec 14, the Santa Claus Parade went ahead in Nain and children were given their Christmas gifts.

Dec 15, the staff of the Labrador Friendship Centre in Goose Bay was given few holiday day offs and the Centre remained closed.

Dec 16, the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine arrived St. John’s.

NL English School District started distributing Chrome book devices to Grades 7-12.

The first ever COVID-19 vaccine shot was given a registered nurse in St. John’s, also to another in Nova Scotia.

Dec 18, with Christmas coming, safety tips were announced where there are many Christmas Lights and decorations are put out in and outside homes.

Makkovik Pantry and Woodbox Committee received donations for food baskets for each household with a $100 food voucher based on family needs.

OKalakatiget Radio aired the first recorded Christmas Greetings from businesses and people to their family and friends.

Dec 21, OK Radio aired the 2nd recorded Christmas Greetings from people to their family and friends.

The stars Jupiter and Saturn aligns tonight with the phenomenon happening mere days before Christmas, it connect to the holiday and scientists believe the Christmas Star seen when Jesus was born. Another great conjunction happens in 2080 if anyone missed this one.

Dec 22, OK Radio aired its third recorded Christmas Greetings from people to their family and friends.

Charges were laid against Correctional Officers in St. John’s.

TRHA construction slowed down with more work to carry out after Christmas Holidays.

Dec 24, due to COVID-19, something so different this year, the virtual Christmas Candle Light Services for Moravian Churches in Nain, Hopedale and Makkovik took place by listening to from their local radio stations.

Dec 29, The Christmas Season this year was very different from the past celebrations that everyone had and that included everywhere, but the Spirit of Christmas was there.

Phase One of NL vaccination plan continues to move forward with first round of the newly approved Moderna COVID-19 expect to arrive this week.

The NHL Board of Governors approved the agreement between the League and NHLPR for a 56 game season for 2020-21, and the season to begin Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021.

Dec 30, NG was looking to purchase wood under the COVID-19 Emergency Heat Subsidy Program.

NG set a closing date for nominations for a Constituency of Canada for Wednesday, Jan 13 and the by-election date set for Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021.

Dec 31, the first shipment of COVID-19 Moderna vaccine expected to arrive Happy Valley-Goose Bay for the 5 Labrador Inuit communities, the residents receive their shots starting the week of Jan 11.

OK Radio continued airing the special Church services throughout Christmas and into the New Year and Nalujuit Day.

Nain Young Mens Traditional Day

The annual Nain Young Men’s Traditional Day is on Monday, January 25th, and is only six days away.

The Nain Moravian Church Members met last Friday to discuss the matter, from that it was decided for that day to go ahead.

Meaning the annual church services go ahead at 10am, 3 pm with no love feast and closing service at 5pm.

COVID-19 Vaccine in Nain (Audio to be added later)

It was an historic day for the five Nunatsiavut Communities last week when the towns were getting their very first COVID-19 Moderna vaccine shots.

The Staff of the Department of Health and Social Development, along with Nunatsiavut Government and Labrador Grenfell Health came together to administer the vaccine to people that started on Monday, January 11, 2021.

The historic day for the residents of Nain was last Friday, January 15th and continued to Saturday, January 16th.

Joanne Pye is the Public Health Nurse in Nain for DHSD.

She says it was a good turnout and a lot of support came from the staff.

Stay tuned to our Atjikangitut show today to find out more from Nurse Pye.

COVID-19 Update

Today (Monday, January 18), Newfoundland and Labrador has no new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The province has six active cases.

There have been no new recoveries since yesterday. Three hundred and eighty-three people have recovered from the virus.

One person is in hospital due to the virus.

To date, 76,492 people have been tested.

Public Health is reminding people to strictly adhere to the orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

People must remain vigilant and follow all Public Health measures to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the spread of COVID-19.

Public Health is reminding people about the phrase People, Space, Time, and Place. People should always consider these four important reminders.

Thrift Shop for Nain

Brenda Jararuse and a few more volunteers are in the plans for a Thrift Shop for Nain.

She says that first they will see if there is interest in the community and if there will be enough storage space and a location for this initiative.

Tune into our Labrador Memories show at 3 to hear more on the plans on the thrift shop for Nain.

Terminology Workshop

The Department of Language & Culture with the Nunatsiavut Government will be holding a Terminology workshop in Nain from February 9th to the 11th, 2021.

Robyn Martin is the Language Program Coordinator and she says that there were 23 invitations sent out for participants to attend the workshop.

Isumatât are the facilitators of the workshop and this year’s focus will be for older Inuttitut terms.

These could be terms that were used years ago and that are not commonly used anymore and they will be documented to preserve.

Martin adds that there will be participants from Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, North West River, a participant from the Canadian Constituent and a representative from Inuit Tapiriit Kanadami.

If you have any terms you would like to share you many contact Robyn Martin at 709-922-2051.

Coastal Ice Conditions

OKâlaKatiget contacted most of the communities for an update on the ice conditions along the coast.

In Nain, Sid Pain is with Ground Search and Rescue he says that with the continued warm temperatures, ice conditions along normal routes of travel north and south of Nain have many unsafe areas of new ice, thin ice, and holes, including along the regular trail between Nain and Natuashish.

He adds that travelling on the ice should still be done with extreme caution, take the time to test the thickness of the ice along your route, don’t think the ice is safe just because there is a track on it.

Barry Andersen is the AngajukKâk for Makkovik.

He says the Makkovik harbour ice is good right now, however, there is open water from Indian Head across to White Point, and from there, northwards is all open water.

At Makkovik Bay from Grassy Point up to the bottom of Makkovik Bay is all safe ice and from Grassy point northwards is open water.

Andersen adds that the lakes and ponds ice are all safe but use caution as there may be slob on ponds.

David Wolfrey is the Conservation Officer for Rigolet.

He says the ice is just starting to form now this passed week, people getting to their cabins, never had much ice due to warm weather, just starting to get enough ice to travel between Rigolet and North West River.

Year End Review for November 2020

Here’s the year end review for November 2020:

On Nov 2, a test determined a false positive COVID-19 Case in Voisey’s Bay Mine Site, the case turned out to be negative after the second test was done.

Nov 3, the Community Enhancement Programs were underway in Nain and Makkovik for people who needed more hours to qualify for their EI.

The Daycares in Rigolet, Makkovik and Hopedale re-opened August 29, but had to make some changes in their programs due to COVID-19, the Nain daycare Pigutsavik opened its doors on Oct 13, after the staff finished their Early Childhood Education Certificate courses on Oct 9, the staff also had to make changes in the programs.

Nov 4, an unexpected earthquake happened in Makkovik in the early hours, the residents were awakened by a loud sound, which shook the land and homes. Stephen Halchuck the Seismologist for Canadian hazards Information Services reported not one but two earthquakes were reported within 20 km range.

Nov 5, for the annual Guy Fawk’s night, people were reminded to keep safety top of their mind and check with local fire departments and municipalities due to the pandemic and restricted gatherings.

Nov 6, the annual moose hunt was another success at Gross Morne for NG, with 30 licenses bagged.

A virtual Cross Country Running took place from the schools in Nain, Natuashish, Hopedale, Makkovik, Rigolet, North West River and Goose Bay.

Nov 11, The world awaited a reliable vaccine for the novel Corona Virus.

Also Founder of Newfoundcare, a company dive deeper into the issue of bullying and how rampart the problem is in the province.

NG looks forward to a new relationship with Government of NL following a meeting in Nain with Premier, Andrew Furey.

And the Atlantic Canada Airports Association called the region Premiers to implement arrival testing protocols for domestic passengers to help ease quarantine times for everyone moving through the region by air.

And Remembrance Day Assembly Ceremonies were cancelled for all NL Schools but each class held their own one virtually.

Nov 12, Huge donations from the Single Parents Association arrived to Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik and Rigolet from St. John’s.

The 36th Annual RCMP Volleyball Tournament was announced and will go ahead, but it will only have the residents to participate due to COVID-19 on Nov 19 at 4pm.

Nov 13, Government of Canada invests new building freight storages for the North Coast Communities.

Nov 16, The province announced travel will not be expanded for Christmas while families await to hear word on travels.

Nov 17, Programs at the Aboriginal Family Friendship Centre, First Light in St. John’s was going well after they closed down due to COVID-19.

The Makkovik Moravian Church Ladies Sewing Circle Christmas sale was cancelled, so all their handcrafts were donated to Carol Gear’s on line Auction for Nov 18-25th.

Nov 19, Daffodil Place, the home away from home for cancer patients held a Radiothon to raise funds to operate.

And the price’s of fuel was frozen for the north coast of Labrador, Nunatsiavut.

Nov 26, TRHA continues construction on new homes and repairs and waited for cupboards to arrive on the Kamutik W. Two more earthquakes were reported 6 km Northeast of Makkovik, the first was a magnitude of 3.7 before 4am, and 3.5 magnitude few minutes later 4 km away.

Nov 27, big changes was announced for the Annual Moravian Churches Candle Light Services and Watchnight services to be done virtually due to the pandemic.