MCP Coverage Extended for Expired Cards

The Department of Health and Community Services is extending the validity period of the Medical Care Plan (MCP) cards to June 30, 2020.

This will cover all individuals whose MCP eligibility otherwise expired as of March 1st, 2020 onward, excluding those who have permanently moved out of NL.

The extension preserves provincial public health coverage for those NL residents, including permanent residents, residents who are outside the province or country but finding it difficult to return home due to the pandemic COVID-19 that includes those residents who are working temporarily or vacationing abroad.

These charges eliminate the need to mail, fax or drop off MCP renewal applications to the MCP offices in St. John’s or Grand Falls Windsor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals are encouraged to check their MCP expiry date or renewable notice to determine if these measures apply.

Renewable cards reflecting the extension of coverage will not be mailed to individuals. Health care providers may contact the MCP offices for confirmation of coverage.

There will be staff available to answer questions to the public, the St. John’s office phone number is 1-866-449-4459 or to call the Grand Falls-Windsor office at 1-800-563-1557, you can also email your questions to

Retired and Non-Practising Nurses Called Upon

Calling all nurses-the College of Nurses is reaching out to retired nurses to help fill some of the need in the health care system.

As a number of COVID-19 cases rises and more people become hospitalized, nurses and other health care frontline workers will need to take time off and get a break from the demand.

That’s where the College of Nurses is stepping in, calling on retired nurses to help out surge capacity.

Executive Director of the College of Nurses, Lynn Power says it’s been something that’s been discussed for some time, even before the pandemic.

They’re now ready to launch an emergency licensing process, for retired and non-practicing registered nurses who are eligible to come forward.

Courtesy from VOCM news.

Update on COVID 19 Numbers

Dr. Fitzgerald announced these numbers yesterday:

23 new positive cases in the Eastern Health region
175 Total cases
166 Eastern Health
3 Central Health
1 Western Health
5 Labrador Grenfell Health
120 are related to Caul’s funeral home (no new numbers today, 120 is numbers from yesterday)
55 percent females
45 percent males
15 people in hospital 1 Central, 1 Labrador Grenfell and 13 in Eastern
3 in ICU
1 death in Eastern Health (this past Sunday-no recent deaths)
10 people have recovered
2816 tested

*Public health state of emergency extended for another 2 weeks. Dr. Haggie expects to be renewing this Public Health State of emergency for a while.

Lela Evans on Canada Post (Audio)

Due to the COVID-19 many Canadians around the world are impacted by this situation, and that included the Canada Post.

We spoke with our MHA for the Labrador District Lela Evans about this situation.

And she would like to inform our listeners about what is happening with the Canada Post situation.

Click here to find out what Evans has to say.

Public Health- DHSD COVID-19 Update (Audio)

The Department of Health and Social Development would like to inform our listeners on what is happening so far with the Pandemic of the COVID-19.

We spoke with Joanne Pye and Megan Hudson with the DHSD in Nain.

This interview is to update residents and other communities about this situation.

Pye and Hudson would like to inform everyone about what safety tips should be given to community members.

Click here to find out what they have to say about the COVID-19.

Message from AngajukKâk, Joe Dicker

It is apparent that there are a lot of residents are still not following the social distancing guidelines set out by both the Provincial and Federal Government.

It is critical that social distancing be followed for the safety of the community.

The elderly, young children, people with weak immune systems and pregnant women are at high risk when it comes to COVID-19.

There should not be anyone in your home who does not live there.

No big family meals, No birthday parties, No gatherings including drinking with friends, No visitors whatsoever.

People are required to stay at least 2 meters or 6 feet apart.

If you are going out on the land social distancing still needs to be practiced.

You should not be spending time in cabins with people other than those from your household.

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid touching your face, Stay home if you’re sick.

If you need to pick up groceries do so on your own, do not bring children.

It is so important to follow these guidelines to make sure Nain stays as healthy as we possibly can, you can report those who fail to comply with the guidelines at

ITK’s Emergency Response Plan

The Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan includes $305 million for a distinctions-based Indigenous Community Support Fund, which includes $45 million to address immediate needs for products and services in Inuit communities. Last week, members of the ITK Board of Directors unanimously agreed to direct this funding directly to regional organizations from the Government of Canada as follows:

• $5,850,000 to Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
• $22,545,000 to Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
• $11,250,000 to Makivik Corporation
• $5,355,000 to Nunatsiavut Government

Each regional organization is developing its own schedule of investments, which includes funding for community harvests, support for elders, measures to provide daily water and sewer deliveries, funding for food banks and community distribution of cleaning supplies, among other areas.

The funds provided to each land claim region will be used to support their respective beneficiaries throughout Canada, including outside their land claims regions. An additional $15 million has been allocated by the federal government to support Inuit living away from their communities. This money can be accessed through proposals directly to the Government of Canada.

The funding allocated to Inuit regional organizations is in addition to $500 million allocated to provinces and territories for critical health care system needs preparedness and mitigation efforts; and access by provinces and territories to the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile for medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals and social service supplies, such as beds and blankets.

COVID-19 Update

4 new cases have been announced yesterday by the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzergerald.

There are 152 cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This includes 143 cases in Eastern Health, 3 in Central Health, 1 in Western Health, and 5 in Labrador-Grenfell Health.

2,575 people have been tested.

Of those individuals who have been tested, 2,423 have been confirmed negative.

2575 people have been tested in the province;
11 cases have been hospitalized;
2 cases have been admitted to the ICU;
7 people are considered recovered;
1 person in total has passed away from COVID-19;
120 are related to Caul’s funeral home.

The press conference is ongoing and we will keep you updated.

The Nain Inuit Community Freezer Update

The Nain Community Freezer will be taking the following measures to ensure residents have access to traditional wild food during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Community Freezer is closed to the public at this time.

We will be starting a delivery system this week. If you would like to receive meat from the Community Freezer:

1) Please call 922-2380 on Monday or Tuesday morning (8:30-12:00). Staff will take your name and address to have meat delivered to your house on Thursday’s (weather permitting, Friday as a backup day).

2) Staff will drop off meat on your doorstep during the day and we ask that someone be home to receive it.

If there are harvesters that would like to hunt for the Community Freezer please call 922-2380 on Monday or Tuesday morning or contact Research Center staff (Liz Pijogge or Carla Pamak) to arrange a time to drop off meat.

The health and well-being of the community is our top priority and we will do our best to make sure community members have access to wild food. We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

Sobeys Pharmacy Employee in St. John’s Tests Positive for COVID-19

Sobeys has confirmed that an employee at one of its stores in St. John’s has tested positive for COVID-19.

The person was working in the pharmacy of the supermarket at 470 Topsail Road, the one off Hamlyn Road.

The last day the employee worked was March 26th.

Public Health has recommended self-isolation for select Pharmacy employees.

They have done a deep cleaning and sanitization of the store.