Seeking Drum Dancing Instructor

The Department of Health and Social Development is looking for a drum dancing instructor in Hopedale.

To be interested in teaching an evening program of drum dancing for ages 15 years and older.

Classes will be twice a week for an hour and a half.

Successful candidate will be compensated along with provided any necessary training equipment, he or she may need.

Time and place are yet to be determined.

Interested candidates may contact Nicole Lane at 933-3894, extension 240 or check out her email at

Nain & Makkovik Fish Landings

A lot more char has been landed in Nain since last week.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Supervisor at the Nain fish plant.

She says a total of 34,505 lbs has been landed, and 16,149 more pounds of char was landed since last week.

Kohlmeister says there are 8 char licensed fishermen fishing, and this week, there is an additional of 4 more fisherman.

Right now, they have 20 fish plant workers, and two of those are summer students.

In Makkovik, Angel Chaulk is the Clerk.

She says a total of 169,950 lbs of snow crab has been landed, which is an additional 73,317 lbs landed since last week.

Chaulk says 37 employees are working and 12 of those are summer students.

She added there are 3 long liners fishing.

Makkovik Trout Festival Begins

This year, the community of Makkovik are celebrating their 32nd annual Trout Festival today.

The festival began this morning at 10am with an Open House in the museum and story telling.

This afternoon started at 1pm, they held a Water mania by the Museum.

From 4-5pm, there will be a community BBQ sponsored by Vale by the Museum grounds.

Then later at 6:30 this evening, the Trout Festival parade begins, $25 prizes will be awarded for best decorated Bikes, Truck/ATV, Stroller with the Trout festival theme, and everyone must meet at the school at 6:30pm for judging.

At 7:30, the Annual Albert Ford Memorial Dart tournament beings for ages 19 and older at the Community Hall.

And at 10:30pm, there will be fireworks at Hebron.

We will have Day 2 of the scheduled events for the festival tomorrow.

NL Report More Cases

8 more people have died from COVID-19 in NL over the past week according to data posted last Wednesday on the Health Department website.

It’s the most reported deaths in a week since April 20, when the province reported 10 people had died.

6 people had died in the Central Health Region.

Two of the deceased were in their 60’s, two in the 70’s and 4 were over 80 years old.

These latest deaths bring the provincial total to 217 since the pandemic’s first cases were reported in March 2020.

The number of people hospitalized because of the virus dropped slightly, down 2 to 14 since the update on August. Two of those are in critical care.

Public Health has also confirmed 360 new confirmed cases of the virus over the past week.

That number, however, is not an accurate reflection of the presence of COVID-19 in NL, because the Health Department limits who is eligible for a test, and the daily case count only includes those found through testing by Health officials and not people doing their own tests.

Hopedale ICG Update (Audio)

The Hopedale Inuit Community Government are still short staff in a few positions.

Marjorie Flowers is the AngajukKâk for the Hopedale Inuit Community Government Office.

Right now, they have a call-in dog catcher, and they are looking to hire on a casual call-in for the Office Assistance position, and for the Recreation Department.

She also adds that they are applying for the CEEP project, and that project won’t go ahead until this fall.

Click here to hear more information from Flowers.

Qarjuit Youth Council AGM

Pauktuutit, Inuit Women of Canada is happy to announce the upcoming meeting for the special gathering of Qarjuit Youth Council.

The annual general meeting will take place in Ivujivik, Nunavik on Monday, September 26 to the 30th.

Their team will be bringing in two per community to the incredible event.

Youth can fill out an application on their webpage at meeting.

Pauktuutit also had the opportunity to attend and participate in the 9th International Indigenous Pre-Conference HIV and AIDS, and 24th International Conference in Montreal this past week.

Their Executive Director, Rosemary Cooper highlighted Pauktuutit’s sexual health priorities during a plenary at the Indigenous pre-conference.

Once again, the Qarjuit Youth Council AGM umping is on September 26 to the 30th.

Central Newfoundland Forest Fire Emergency

Two toll-free phone numbers have been established to help field pertaining to the Central Newfoundland Forest Fire emergency.

These include:

• Provincial Emergency Operations Centre phone lines; 1-833-845-0775 for inquiries regarding supplies, transportation and general
questions. The PEOC phone line will operate from 8am to 8pm.

• Central Health Phone Line: 1:833-960-4571 for all health inquiries. The Central Health phone line will be open from 8am to 8pm.

A messaging service is available to assist with incoming calls outside the hours of 8am to 8pm.

For the most up to date information, please follow the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador on Facebook and Twitter.

Inuttitut Language Survey

The Nunatsiavut Government in collaboration with Carleton University are conducting a survey on the use of the Inuttitut language.

This survey will help determine how many fluent speakers there are in our region and what we can do to help revitalize the language.

This survey is for those who did not complete round 1 in Summer 2020.

This is for beneficiaries and residents 13 years of age and older.

Anyone can complete the survey for a chance to win 1 return airline ticket anywhere Air Borealis flies.

People can head to the Department of Health and Social Development building during open hours until Friday, August 12, 2022.

For more information, can contact Lane by calling her at 933-3894 ext. 240 or email her at, or Robyn Martin at 922-2051 or email her at

Makivik Corporation News

Makivik Corporation is proud to announce that two episodes from their upcoming series Building the Inuit Homeland will be screened at the Montreal First People’s Festival today, Wednesday, August 10 at 8pm.

If you are interested in attending the event and want to purchase your tickets, you can visit 3.

Also, Makivik says if you’re looking for funding for your community or regional projects check out Ungaluk Funding 2022. Applications started on June 6 till September 23, 2022 and for projects this starts in January 2023 to December.

If you need help or assistance on how to apply, please reach out to them at

COVID Update

Eight people have died due to COVID-19 in the last week, with 14 people in hospital because of the virus.

Sixty-five new confirmed cases are being reported today, with a total of 360 new confirmed cases since Thursday of last week.