Music & Art Show

The Happy Valley Goose Bay Labrador Friendship Center Shield Project will be having a Music and Art Show in partnership with our Labrador recording artists such as Matthew Barrett, Richard Neville and Jacinda Beals.

We spoke with Denise Cole the Project Coordinator.

She says the deadline to apply is tomorrow March 19 to be a part of this incredible musical adventure.

They are looking for youth between of 13-18 yrs of age from Goose Bay, Mud Lake and Sheshatshiu, or North West River.

They are looking for musicians, singers, dancers, actors, artists, poets, comedians, and technicians.

They are also looking for people who can donate to the show, so if you have any wigs, or costume sets please let them know.

To register for this amazing youth opportunity, you can send your name, age, phone number, and your parent/guardian name and number to Denise Cole by contacting her at or call her at 709-896-8302.

NG Photo exhibition

Tourism Nunatsiavut will be hosting a photo exhibition to showcase photographs done by Inuit during the Nunatsiavut Artistry tomorrow evening in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

This is a great way to showcase their photos, and the photographers will be Rita Ann Dicker from Nain, Samantha Jacque from Makkovik, Ryan Winters from Hopedale, Holly Andersen from Makkovik, Jillian Larkham from Makkovik and Inez Shiwak from Rigolet.

This photo exhibition will be held Tuesday March 19, at the Lawrence O’Brien art center.

Doors will open at 6pm and the event begins at 6:30pmm, they will have light snacks and refreshments available during this exhibition.

Join them tomorrow to celebrate the work of six Nunatsiavut photographers.

Images on display have been chosen for the new photo exhibition that will be located at the Happy Valley – Goose Bay airport terminal.

Safety training

The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership is holding their first Safety Training today.

This is a great way to support individuals who need the safety training to continue in finding employment and a great way to access work at the Voisey’s Bay or other industrial sites, but you first must have these certificates.

For individuals who applied and were accepted will be having their first safety training today, the Power line Hazard is scheduled and started at 1pm.

The training will be going on now until the 24th.

Here is the list of what they will be focusing on for the rest of the week:

• On March 19 & 20 will be focusing on Fall Protection
• On 21st and 22nd will be Standard First Aid Training
• On 23rd, in the morning will be Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
• And in the afternoon, they will be ending their training with WHMIS.

And the 11 day training for the Camp Attendant will be on the March 30th.

For more information, you can call Janelle Barbour at 922-1800.

CRA tax season 2018

The 2019 tax filing season has officially started since February 18th.

Most Canadian income tax and benefit returns are to be processed before the deadline date, this year’s deadline for 2018 are due on April 30, 2019.

The purpose of the Canada Revenue Agency is to give taxpayers the information they need to file their taxes on time and receive the benefits and credits to which they are entitled.

Doing your taxes does not need to be difficult, If you have internet access you can go online to the Canada Revenue website and file your own taxes online for free, check out the CRA website at to find out more details.

Follow this guide to help make the process easier, so you can get all the benefits and credits you are entitled to.

For individuals who are Self-employed, or who have a spouse or common-law partner who is self-employed, the deadline to file your tax return is June 15, 2019.

Since June 15, 2019 is a Saturday, we will consider that you file your return on time if we receive it, or it is postmarked, no later than June 17, 2019.

If you owe to CRA and want to avoid interest or penalties fees, make sure you pay any amount you owe by April 30, 2019.

After this date, the CRA will charge interest on any amount you owe until your balance is paid.

If you have not received a tax slip for the current year, or you misplaced it, you can ask the issuer of the slip for a copy.

You can also get copies of your slips by logging into the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account service.

Nain Youth & Elders gathering

The Nain Youth Outreach Worker is currently looking for 8 more youth to take part in this year’s Youth & Elders gathering for this April.

Are you a youth between the ages of 16 to 30 and want more involvement in programs that are focused on cultural traditions, and to learn how to practice them on the land? Then this will be a great way for you.

So far 2 youth are signed up to participate in the Youth & Elders Gathering.

We spoke with Ocean Wyatt, who is the Youth Outreach Worker for DHSD.

The gathering will be taking place on April 26-29 at the Iggiak Camp.

She says she wants to hold programs that are focused on cultural practices where youth can connect on the land and to build a relationship with youth and elders.

She says her goal as the Youth Outreach worker is to mainly hold workshops and programs that are land based and culturally related.

Wyatt says that she will also be networking with other departments within DHSD to offer land based programming in the near future.

And she is hoping to hold sewing workshops, boil ups, fishing trips, and hunting trips In the near future.

If you want to find out more about this Youth and Elders gathering you can contact Ocean Wyatt by calling her at 922-2126 ext: 250 or by email:

World TB Day

Tomorrow, March 19 will be World TB Day in Nain.

We spoke with Megan Hudson who is the TB Public Health Nurse at the Nain Department of Health and Social Development.

She says the DHSD and other organizations will be holding activities at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Centre for the fair all day tomorrow from 9am to 5pm.

They will also be doing prizes and providing snacks and says everyone is welcome to join.

Hudson also adds that she recently attended a meeting in Goose Bay about finalizing the regional action plan for eliminating TB in Nunatsiavut.

To listen to the interview we had with Hudson, click here.

Nigivik Center

The Nigivik Centre is run by the Nunatsiavut Department of Health and Social Development in Nain.

We spoke with Shelly Dicker who is the Community Food Security Coordinator to get input about what programs are being offered to the public and to youth.

She says they are looking for hunters, guides and youth to go hunting or wooding and has ski-doo’s and Kamutet for anyone who is interested in participating.

She adds that they are also looking for people to join in any cooking programs.

To hear more from Dicker on the
Nigivik Centre here in Nain, click here.

Regional Drama Festival

The annual Regional Drama festival was held this past week at the Lawrence O’Brien Art center.

We spoke with Matthew Barrett the Manager at the O’Brien art center.

He says the drama festival began this past Monday on March 11 and ended yesterday on March 14.

Barrett says they held three different school plays each evening.

On Monday, the first performance was by the Rigolet students from the Northern Lights Academy School, followed by students from JC Erhardt Memorial School in Makkovik and then the Queen of Peace Middle school finished off for the evening.

Barrett says Tuesday evening students from Menihek High School from Labrador City performed then the Eric G Lambert students from Churchill Falls, followed by the Happy Valley Goose Bay students from Mealy Mountain Collegiate.

And the last performances were held Wednesday by our hometown students of Jens Haven Memorial School, then the Amos Comenius School from Hopedale showed off their talents, followed by the Henry Gordon Academy students from Cartwright.

Thursday afternoon was the award ceremony, and this year the Judicator was Steve O’Connell an actor from the TV show Republic of Doyle who was one of the cops.

Over all this was a great week, students hold good friendships towards one another.

And the Mealy Mountain Collegiate School won this year’s regional drama festival and will be traveling to St, John’s area for the Provincial Drama Festival in April.

Minimum wage increase

According to a news release from the Provincial Government, this is now the second straight year which the minimum wage was increased to match rising and falling numbers in the National Consumer Price Index.

Minimum wage will be going up in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The minimum wage will increase in Newfoundland and Labrador on April 1, 2019, to $11.40 an hour.

Workers in Newfoundland and Labrador making the minimum wage will have an extra quarter added to each hour on their paycheques.

The minimum wage will increase from $11.15 to $11.40 on April 1.

The minimum wage for overtime work will go to $17.10.

The province of NL currently has the third lowest minimum wage in the country, ahead of only Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.


The 2019 Labrador Winter Games is fast approaching; the opening ceremony will take place this Sunday March 17 starting at 7pm at the EJ Broomfield Arena.

And on Monday March 18 the Mealy Mountain Collegiate will have their first game of Volley Ball at 8:30am followed by Target Shooting Day 1 at the Rod & Gun Club.

And at 8:30 am the Snowshoe races for both Female and Male heats will be at the MMC Sportplex.

Then at 4pm the Medal Presentation for the Volleyball will be held at the Mealy Mountain Collegiate School.

At 7pm athletes and special guests will hold a movie night at the Arcturus Theatre.

We also spoke with Matthew Barrett the Manager for the LOBAC.

He says on Tuesday evening The Lawrence O’Brien Art Center will be holding the LWG concert.

The LWG concert begins 7:30pm with Performances by Jacinda Beal, David Penashue from sheshahitu, the Silver Wolf Band, Laura Taylor and the HVGB drum dancers.

Half way through the concert there will be a Labrador fashion show of traditional Labrador clothing.

The concert will end off with a performance by Drum dancers, with David Penashue and Keryn Andersen singing “Sons of Labrador”

There were a Total of 56 tickets, $15 each and are quite limited; as seats are reserved for the athletes.