Swearing-In Date Set for Furey

The date is set for swearing-in of Andrew Furey as the 14th Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

NL will officially have a new Premier on Wednesday, August 19.

Andrew Furey who won the Liberal Leadership last Monday night, will be sworn in at the Government House along with his cabinet.

Further details on the event will come out over the next several days.

Traditional Nunatsiavut Stories Recording

The Archaeology/Heritage division in the Nunatsiavut Government are seeking elders in Nain to tell traditional stories.

Lena Onalik from Nain is the Heritage Program Coordinator with NG.

She is looking for four elders to record themselves telling stories on their own time through the digital outreach and oral histories initiative.

The stories are preferred to be in Inutitut or English.

The elders will get paid $50 per hour of recording materials.

Anyone interested can call Onalik by August 14th.

To apply, you can reach her @ lena.onalik@nunatsiavut.com or call her at her office at 922-2942 ext. 240.

Nain Fish Landings

The char and scallop fishery is doing good in Nain.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Office Supervisor in the fish plant.

She says to date a total of 21,099 pounds of char has been landed. And 16,300 pounds of green scallops, and 589 pounds of meats.

Kohlmeister says there are 32 plant workers employed, and added the 6 commercial char fishermen are happy with the catches they’re landing now.

OK Radio will have an update from the Makkovik fish plant once they’re available.

Gas Prices Down

The price of gasoline has dropped by a couple pennies.

The Public Utilities Board has lowered the maximum by 2.4 cents a litre with diesel down by 1.2 cents.

Furnace and stove oil are down about by one cent and propane for heating by half a cent.

COVID-19 Update

Yesterday, Newfoundland and Labrador went 11 days without new confirmed cases and have no active cases.

263 people have recovered from the virus.

To date, 26,010 people in the province have been tested

There are a total of 266 cases.

Be sure to practice good hygiene and keep your bubble small as you can.

Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice.

For the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19, please visit www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19.

In other news, Health Minister, John Haggie says the province may be in a position to make an announcement about moving to Alert Level 1 in three to four weeks.

Dr. Haggie says when entering Alert Level 1, a lot of the inconsistencies that are being seen currently will be removed.

A move to the new level would allow the province to look into event sizes and sizes of gathering, says Haggie.

Fish Plant Operations Update (Audio to be added later)

The char and scallop fishery landings is going well in Nain.

Keith Watts is the General Manager of Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative.

He says the fish plant operation and processing fish in the plant is doing well.

Watts says it is not the same at the Makkovik fish plant with the crab fishery this summer.

He says there was just one crab boat left last month and that caused a shortage of work for the plant employees.

One more crab boat arrived and left this morning to go fishing.

Watts says the snow crab fishery closes on Wednesday, August 12, and its hoped that there will be at least 2 landings when the boats arrive.

Stay tuned to AtjiKangitut to hear more details about the fishery and fish plants update from Watts on today’s show.

Literacy Based Activities

This summer, three partners will be partnering with the Nunatsiavut government and the Frontier College to do some literacy activities here in Nain.

We spoke with Julia Dicker who will be one of the instructors.

She says that Melanie Angnatok and Ethan Angnatok will be partnering with her to hold different activities.

They will be doing some reading and writing, some challenges and some experiments.

Dicker says it is a good program to get ready for school in the fall.

Tune into the Sugusivut show to hear more on what Dicker has to say.

Furey Next Step to Win Seat

As first election concludes for Andrew Furey, next step is winning a seat in Legislature.

The next challenge on Furey’s agenda will be to get elected to the House of Assembly. Furey, a political neophyte in terms of legislative experience, won the Liberal Leadership Monday and will be sworn-in as the provinces next Premier, but has to gain a seat in Legislature.

Memorial University political scientist emeritus, Steve Tomlin says Furey has to secure in a by-election or a general election which has to be called in the next year.

Tomlin says the challenge is that Furey is talking over a minority government. He could choose to run in Dwight Ball’s District Humber Valley- Gros Morne.

Meanwhile John Abbott says he does intend on running during the next general election, which could mean joining Andrew Furey’s team. Now that the leadership has been decided, an election must happen within the next year.

While Abbott could not outright comment to running as Liberal, he does say that is his preference as hr values the history of the party and the advances they have made.

Yesterday evening, the detailed breakdown voting for the Liberal Leadership was in and it reveals Andrew Furey won every single district over John Abbott. The final count was 13,645 for the Premier-elect and 7,537 for Abbott.

The districts were weighed equally and assigned 1,000 points each. A candidate must receive over 20, 001 points (or 50.0025 percent) to be declared victory. Ultimately, Furey earned 26,443 and Abbott 13,557.

The election committee of the Liberal Party will be meeting in the coming days to discuss the leadership election.

Hunters to Donate Wild Game

The Minister responsible for wildlife is considering a pilot project to open up more opportunities to donate perishable items to food banks.

The line of thinking in the food donation community has always been to encourage non-perishables and cash, but now the Community Food Sharing Association is welcoming perishable items.

Donation of wild game to a third party currently is illegal, but Minister Gerry Byrne is considering a pilot.

Perishables are expensive to manage because of storage and handling requirements. Byrne is looking at the legislation, but notes there is nothing stopping anyone from donating meat and fish.

He says people can consider donating meat bought from grocery stores, fish from retail or caught in the food fishery, and food from the garden.

COVID-19 Numbers

Newfoundland and Labrador continues to have no new confirmed cases for nine days with 3 active cases.

260 people have recovered.

There are a total of 266 cases.

Yesterday, a total of 17,807 people have been tested.

As of today, Wednesday, August 5, there were no new cases

Remember to practice physical distancing and ensure that you wash your hands and clean objects used.

Stay informed and be prepared and to follow public health advice.

For the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19, please visit www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19.