OKâlaKatiget Society

The OKâlaKatiget Society

In English means “People who talk or communicate with each other”. It was incorporated in 1982. Stationed in Nain, Labrador the Society provides a regional, native communication service for the people on the North Coast and the Lake Melville region of Labrador. People have come to rely on the Society for information and entertainment via radio and television. A primary part of our mandate is to preserve and promote the language and culture of the Inuit within the region.

We are a non-profit, registered charitable organization, funded since 1984 by the Department of Canadian Heritage. The Society continues to seek alternate funding, explore ways in which it can diversify its funding base, and enter into contracts with outside and/or local organizations to produce special projects.

Staffing of the OKâlaKatiget Society is made up of 12 production and administrative staff members. Visit our Staff page for more information.

Board of Directors of the Society is made up of one Inuk representative from each North Coast Community along with one from North West River and one from Happy Valley Goose bay along with a representative from the Nunatsiavut Government. This makes up a diverse, eight-member board with an executive that includes the President, Vice President and Secretary. To learn more visit our Directors page.

Both radio and television departments have received awards from the National Aboriginal Communications and The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation for quality in daily programming and documentary feature reporting in radio. Best First Language programming was also awarded to television.