JHMS huskies

The Jens Haven Memorial School Huskies will be competing in Provincials today.

Our huskies traveled to Lethbridge Newfoundland to compete in Table Tennis Provincials.

Competitions started this morning, with 8 other teams.

We hope to have more information once available.

TRHA seeking nominations

Torngat Regional Housing Association is looking for nominations to form a new Local Housing Committee in Nain.

We spoke with Viona Hynes an Accountant with TRHA in Happy Valley GooseBay.

Haynes says the Local Housing Committee can be a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9 members.

She says the nomination starts today March 14 and will close on March 28.

Nomination forms can be picked up at the Nain Inuit Community Government office.

To qualify to be a TRHA committee member you must be 19 years or older.

And the deadline to apply to be a nominative member is March 28, 2019.

You will be non eligible if you are trying to apply for housing with TRHA, if you or anyone is in arrears with the association, anyone who works and/or if their spouse works for TRHA, if you are a contractors and/or if your spouses who work with TRHA, anyone who has children, grandchildren or parents working for TRHA are all non eligible to apply as a TRHA Housing committee.

She adds that the TRHA committee members deal with housing issues and completes the screening, reviews applicants and the selections.

If you have questions or want more information please contact: Viona Hynes at the TRHA office in HVGB at 1- 709-896-8126 or Joe Dicker Town Manager at NICG at 709-922-2842.

Housing Bill

The new Housing Bill was read during the second reading at the House of Assembly last week in Hopedale.

We spoke with Kate Mitchell the First Minister of the Nunatsiavut Government and Ordinary Member for Makkovik.

She says everything is laid out in the Housing Act and it will come into effect by order of the president, Johannes Lampe.

The bill was passed by the Nunatsiavut Assembly and one of the first things that must happen is that the Nunatsiavut Execrative Council must consult with Torngat Housing about the impact of the bill.

This will include Torngat Housings role and functions regarding their programs and liabilities and assets, clients and personelle .

The new Act will broaden the variety of housing programs available, providing a better and fairer system, to our beneficiaries.

A special committee was established to consult with Inuit, Inuit communities as well as Torngat Regional Housing Association, for the purpose of preparing a report to be tabled at the Nunatsiavut Assembly before second reading.

To find out more about this new housing act, click here.

LATP safety/camp attendant training

The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership is still accepting applications for the Safety Training and Camp Attendant Training programs for this month.

Janelle Barbour is the NG Career Counsellor with LATP.

Barbour says the safety training will be offered to anyone who is unemployed and will be starting on Monday, March 18 – March 23rd.

The LATP safety training offered include:
• Power line hazards
• First aid
• Fall protection
• Back injury prevention
• Transportation of dangerous goods, and

The Camp Attendant training will be an 11 days training program starting on the 30th of this month. To apply, you must have at least Gr.10 education as required by potential employers.

Barbour says where there’s a high demand for this training, there will be limited seats of 12 and names will be picked within a week or so.

This training will include some crafts and hands on with housekeeping.

Both Safety and Camp Attendant workshops will take place here in Nain.

If you have never taken these training courses, or need to update your certificates, you can contact Janelle Barbour to apply, by email at: jbarbour@latp.ca or 922-1800.

Air Inuit Easter flights

Air Inuit is again offering the Special Easter flight schedule between Nain, George River and Kuujjuak for April 2019.

According to the Air Inuit website, the first flight is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, 2019.

The first Air Inuit flight will depart from Kuujjuaq at 11am, and arrive in George River at 11:40am, depart George River at 11:55am and arrive Nain at 2:20pm (Nain local time), and then departs Nain, back to George River at 2:50.

The second flight is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

The flight will depart from Kuujjuaq at 8:50am, and arrive in George River at 9:30am,departs George River again at 9:45am and arrives in Nain at 12:10pm

The flight then departs Nain at 12:40 for George River, departs George River for Kuujjuaq at 1:20pm and arrives back to Kuujjuaq at 2pm.

All times listed are local times.

And please note that Air Inuit is offering an Easter promotion of 30% off of reduced travel fares between April 5 & 26.

To make reservations or for more information, you can check out their website at www.airinuit.com or call 1-800-361-2965.

2019 elders conference

The bi-annual elder’s conference will be held in Nain from April 8-13, 2019.

The Nunatsiavut DHSD is accepting applications for seniors for each of the five Inuit communities in Nunatsiavut , North West River, Happy Valley-Goose Bay
and the Canadian Constituency .

The deadline to apply for the elder’s conference is tomorrow, Friday, March 15 2019.

Application forms can be picked up at your local Nunatsiavut Government office as well as any NDHSD office in your area.

Anyone can fax completed forms to Beverly Hunter. If anyone has any questions please contact Beverly Hunter at 709-933-3330.

LWG dog sled teams

The Labrador games are pleased to announce that five teams have registered to compete in the traditional dog sled race and vie for the Henry John Williams memorial trophy.

The dog sled race features mushers and their teams from various communities in Labrador and will take place at 9am on Saturday March 23, 2019 at Terrington Basin, HV-GB

The Labrador winter games is extending an invitation to mushers to meet with them while they are in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for the games to receive input, as well as discuss ideas and options for reviving and preserving the dog sled event.

The Labrador winter games are committed to working with dog sled mushers to build on the success of races that are held annually on the north and south coasts of Labrador.

“We want the mushers to know that we appreciate their long standing efforts to preserve the tradition of dog sledding and we value their input on ways in which
we can work together on a plan to make the 2022 event even more prestigious” said Ernie McLean, Chairperson, Board of directors for the LWGs.

The Labrador winter games dog sled race will run from the dock to Rabbit island and back, a distance of 30 km’s.

The best dog sled team will be presented with the Henry John Williams memorial trophy.

The trophy pays tribute to the Cartwright fisherman and trapper who kept and worked dog teams wel into his 70s.

In addition, a new award, the most traditional dog team,will be presented to the musher who makes the best use of traditional lashings and other materials.

Caribou Consultation meeting

A Caribou Consultation Meeting was held Monday evening at the Nunatsiavut Government boardroom in Nain.

Paul Macdonald is a wildlife biologist from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

About twelve people attended this meeting and voiced many concerns.

The meeting was about ways to try and reverse declining caribou numbers in Labrador, without impeding Indigenous food supplies.

And they say the next step could be listing the Caribou species under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Macdonald says caribou consultations meetings were held in Happy Valley Goose Bay, North West River, Rigolet and Postville last year.

Consultations are planned for Makkovik and Hopedale later this week.

To listen to the audio of this consultation meeting part 2, click here.

CONA open house

Each of the seventeen colleges of the North Atlantic campus’ throughout Newfoundland and Labrador will be holding open houses today March 13, 2019.

The college of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley Goose Bay will also be holding an open house today.

Anyone can drop by the HVGB campus for tours and meet campus staff between one to four pm, with tours on the hour, or between six to eight pm this evening.

Learn about college programs and services or for assistance in applying for the College of the North Atlantic Programs.

The college of the North Atlantic HVGB campus will be going live on Facebook between 1:30-2:30pm Labrador time.

Anyone can link in the live video for a presentation on college programs and services or to you can message them a question that they can answer live. Their facebook page is College of the North Atlantic – HVGB campus.

For further information visit the College website at www.cna.nl.ca or call 709 896-6300.

Trail Makers Update

The Trail Markers that are being put up between Nain and Natuashish, is still ongoing.

Joe Dicker is the AngajukKâk for the Nain Inuit Community Government.

He says workers are now at Cape Little which is about halfway to Natuashish.

Dicker says the trail makers from Nain will put up markers only as far as Natuashish.

He adds that the workers will finish up in 3 to 4 days.