15 New Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 (Dated Feb23,2021)

Today, Tuesday, February 23, Newfoundland and Labrador has 15 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The 15 new confirmed cases are as follows:

In the Eastern Health region:

· 2 under 20 years of age;
· 1 between 20-39 years of age;
· 8 between 40-49 years of age;
· 2 between 50-59 years of age;
· 1 between 60-69 years of age; and,
· 1 70 years of age and above.

There are 10 females and 5 males.

Contact tracing by Public Health officials is underway. Anyone considered a close contact has been advised to quarantine.

There are no new or outstanding presumptive positive cases.

There are 372 active cases of COVID-19.

There have been 50 new recoveries in the Eastern Health region since yesterday.

This means 576 people have recovered from the virus, five people are in hospital, of these patients, two are in intensive care and to date, 109,540 people have been tested.

Public Health is making this ask out of an abundance of caution because of the confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Western Health region reported yesterday.

For the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19, please visit www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19.

TRHA Update and Lockdown (Dated Feb23,2021)

The interior work of the last two new homes was halted due to the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the province earlier this month.

William Lucy is the Coordinator for Torngat Regional Housing Association.

He says there is painting left to do in one home in Rigolet and finishing touches.

In Hopedale, there are water test to be done and electrical plug-ins to be installed.

Lucy says they don’t know when they’ll get back to work but everything is on lock down until further notice due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulations Have Not Changed for Caribou Hunting In Labrador (Dated Feb23,2021)

A recent post circulating on social media claiming that provincial wildlife authorities have sanctioned the hunting of George River, Mealy Mountain and Lac Joseph caribou herds, is false.

A moratorium on the hunting of George River caribou remains in place, as the herd size remains at less than one per cent of the abundance recorded in the early 1990s. The hunting of animals in the Mealy Mountain and Lac Joseph herds is currently prohibited under the Provincial Endangered Species Act.

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture’s Resource Enforcement Division has initiated an investigation into the alleged harvesting and possession of Caribou due to the social media post.

Anyone with any additional information regarding this issue is encouraged to call the Resource Enforcement Division’s Labrador Regional Office at 709-896-7957 or the provincial 24/7 poaching line at 1-877-820-0999, or provide a report online at www.gov.nl.ca/ffa/ers/report-poaching.

Onalik Declared Winner of Constituency of Canada By-Election(Dated Feb23,2021)

Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer Nanette Blake confirmed yesterday, after an official recount, that Susan Sonya Onalik of St. John’s is the winner of the February 17 by-election for Ordinary Member in the Constituency of Canada.

An announcement on when Ms. Onalik will be sworn-in as a member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly will be forthcoming.

The Nunatsiavut Assembly meets at least four times a year in Hopedale. Ordinary Member represent Inuit from their respective constituencies in the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

For more information, please contact Nanette Blake, Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer at (709) 899-0369.

Or you can email her at Nanette.blake@nunatsiavut.com.

David Hart’s Experience with COVID-19 (Dated February 23, 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in so many ways.

We spoke with David Hart who is an Innu singer from Sheshatshiu, Labrador.

He says he and his daughter had survived the virus two months ago and would like to spread awareness to keep our people and communities safe.

Hart also says that from his experience, it is important to be cautious where you are going, if you don’t need to travel don’t go anywhere, and stay in your community.

Stay tuned to our AtjiKangitut show today to hear more of what Hart has to say on COVID-19.

Please note that this will be aired only in English.

COVID-19 Update (Dated February 22, 2021)

Today (Monday, February 22), Newfoundland and Labrador has 14 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The 14 new confirmed cases are as follows:

In the Eastern Health region:

• 4 under 20 years of age;
• 1 between 20-39 years of age;
• 2 between 40-49 years of age;
• 4 between 50-59 years of age; and,
• 1 between 60-69 years of age.

In the Western Health region:

• 1 between 60-69 years of age.

The case in the Western Health region is related to domestic travel.

In the Labrador-Grenfell Health region:

• 1 between 50-59 years of age.

The case in the Labrador-Grenfell Health region is related to international travel.

There are 3 females and 11 males.

Contact tracing by Public Health officials is underway. Anyone considered a close contact will be advised to quarantine.

Regarding the case in the Labrador-Grenfell Health region, this individual is military personnel who has been in self-isolation since arrival. Contact tracing is finished. There are no close contacts outside of the individual’s isolating work contacts. Public Health has determined there is no risk to the region as a result of this case.

There are 407 active cases of COVID-19.

The regional breakdown of the 407 active cases is as follows:

• Eastern Health – 398
• Central Health – 4
• Labrador-Grenfell Health – 1
• Western Health – 4

There have been 37 new recoveries in the Eastern Health region since yesterday. This means 526 people have recovered from the virus.

Five individuals are in hospital.

To date, 108,834 people have been tested.

TaKuaKautik Food Bank Give Away (Dated February 22, 2021)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the TaKuaKautik Food Bank will operate differently this month.

Volunteers will be delivering bags on Thursday, February 25, from 6-8 pm. A volunteer will knock on your door and leave the bag on your steps to avoid direct contact.

If you received a bag last month, we will be delivering to your home next week. If you did not receive a bag in January but need a bag now, please provide your street address to Megan Hudson through Facebook message, or comment on her Facebook post.

For special requests, (cake mix, sugar twin, baby food) please send a message.

If you have Food Bank bags, please return them to the yellow container on the steps at the warehouse.

Changes to NG COVID Emergency Heat Subsidy (Dated February 22, 2021)

Residents of Nunatsiavut are advised that, effective immediately, those that have full tanks of stove/furnace oil will not receive assistance under the Nunatsiavut COVID-19 Emergency Heat Subsidy Program until their tanks are empty.

Nunatsiavut Government staff will determine whether or not household oil tanks are full. Those deemed to be in need of oil will continue to receive assistance. Those whose tanks are full will be able to continue receiving assistance once their oil runs out.

These changes are necessary to ensure individuals are not stockpiling large amounts of heating fuel.

The purpose of the Nunatsiavut COVID-19 Emergency Heat Subsidy Program is to provide assistance to those most vulnerable and those economically impacted by the global pandemic in covering costs of home heating.

Coastal Freezer Deliveries (Dated February 22, 2021)

The coastal Community Freezers are offering deliveries for frozen meat during this pandemic.

The Nain Freezer you are to call 922-2380 on Monday’s and Tuesdays from 8:30am-12pm.

Food deliveries are every Thursday morning.

The Postville Community Freezer has Moose, Char, Cod, and Scallops.

If you would like any frozen food, you are to call 479-9793 ahead of time for pick up arrangements.

The Hopedale Community Freezer has Moose, Turbot, Scallops, Crab legs, Salt Cod fillets.

Deliveries are given to seniors 55+ years and older.

Everyone else should call 933-3864 ahead of time to receive frozen meat.

As of right now Makkovik does not have a full-time worker at their Community Freezer.

OK Radio will have Rigolet Community Freezer when it becomes available.

Mud Lake Residents to Receive COVID Vaccine Next Week (Dated February 22, 2021)

Public Health staff from the Nunatsiavut Department of Health and Social Development and Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority are scheduled to be in Mud Lake on Wednesday, February 24 to administer the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible residents, 18 years of age and older.

DHSD staff will arrange times for eligible individuals to receive the vaccine, which will be administered at the Community Centre.

The Moderna vaccine requires two doses to be effective. Residents will be advised when the second dose will be administered.

Residents who have specific questions about the vaccine or who aren’t sure it’s right for them, are encouraged to speak with their primary care provider ahead of Wednesday’s clinic.

The Nunatsiavut Government continues to work with all relevant authorities to ensure the vaccine is administered as quickly as possible in a safe and efficient manner.

For more information, please contact Kelly Jacobs, the Community Health Worker at 709-896-4055 or 709-899 4151.