LMI to Commence South Coast Freight and Passenger Service Early

Labrador Marine Inc. announced that freight and passenger service from Goose Bay to Cartwright and Black Tickle will commence on July 3, more than a week earlier than originally planned.

In addition, LMI announced that Rigolet will be added as a port of call on both legs of the southbound service in 2020.

“This has been the earliest start to the season in several years,” said LMI President and CEO Peter Woodward. “We have already completed two trips to the North coast.

There is freight on hand at the terminal for Black Tickle. We want to deliver that freight as soon as possible so that people have the supplies that they need.”

The Kamutik W travels by Rigolet on both legs of the southbound run. LMI determined that it made sense to add Rigolet as a port of call.

“Many people travel between Rigolet and Goose Bay,” says Woodward. “This provided additional convenience to people in that community. Our service is their highway.”

All departures from Goose Bay for the south coast will be at 3pm on Friday’s, beginning July 3.

NICG Summer Construction (Audio)

Residents in Nain will be seeing a lot of different projects happening in town this summer.

Joe Dicker is the AngajukKâk for the Nain Inuit Community Government.

He says as the province moved into Alert Level 2, residents will see more projects and contractors coming to town to do repairs.

Dicker says repairs will be done on the Nain Husky Center, the Airstrip, and the Dock; amongst more.

Click here to hear Dicker talk about the Nain Projects.

No new COVID-19 cases

Yesterday, Thursday, June 25 , Newfoundland and Labrador continues with no active COVID-19 and no new confirmed cases.

258 people have recovered.

Yesterday, 16,901 have been tested.

In Alert Level 2, individuals should continue practice good infection prevention and control practices.

Daily preventive actions can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These actions include: Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice. Was hands frequently, use hand sanitizers, do not touch face, practice cough and sneeze by using arm, maintain physical distancing, wear mask when you are in public and unable to physical distance, increase cleanliness in public spaces and workplaces, and stay home if you are sick and avoid contact with others.

For up to date information on COVID-19, please visit www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19.

NL Moravian Churches open

The Newfoundland and Labrador Moravian Churches will resume services Sunday with restrictions.

In Alert Level 2, places of Worship may host services of no more than 50 people, or 50% capacity. This includes a Minister, staff and volunteers, to best prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Services pose a risk of COVID-19 transmission through: gatherings, sharing ceremonial objects, Communion and singing.

Physical distancing of 2 meters (6feet) must be maintained between congregants, people from the same bubble can sit together without social distancing.

Common use items should not be used such as books and hymnals.

Exit from place of worship is by dismissing individuals by section, rather than all at once.

Handshaking, hugging, touching or passing objects between people are not permitted.

Singing and playing brass instruments and sharing instruments is not recommended due to risk of spread of virus. Choirs are not permitted.

Congregational singing is discouraged, participants can hum. Offering of infant, child minding is not permitted, children have to stay with their families in church.

If you are over 60 years of age and have medical condition consider delaying the worship, stay home if your sick.

NGC Moves to Alert Level 2 (Audio)

The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies has released new protocols for Alert Level 2.

We spoke with Sarah Leo who is the Chief Operating Officer of the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies.

She says the NGC runs a café at the Illusuak building and is open for take-out service.

She adds that she hopes the Nunatsiavut Government will also allow us to provide eat in services at the café.

Click here to hear Leo.

Canada Day Events

The Canada Day events for Nain is coming up on Monday, June 29, 2020.

On that day, there will be Co-ed volleyball starting at 6pm with a maximum of 6 players, 4 minimum and the winners will receive $20 per player.

On Tuesday, June 30th, there will be a Giant Radio Bingo starting at 7pm with $100 cards selling from 9am to 6pm at the Nain Husky Centre.

50/50 tickets will also be sold at $1.00 each.

On Canada Day, July 1st, a Community Take Out Breakfast (pick up only) will be from 8-9:30am at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Centre.

From 10:30am to 3pm will be Fishing contest with a prize awarded for the heaviest and most fish.

A Canada Day Family Photo Scavenger Hunt will be from 11am to 12pm with devices needed.

And for the afternoon, starting at 1pm, there will be a vehicle parade starting at the airstrip, followed by judging for the best decorations and the best Canada Day cake decorating contest.

There will also be boat rentals from 1:30 to 5pm at the Old Dam.

From 2:30 to 5:30pm, there will be a softball tournament at the Sports field followed by the 4th Annual Pow’s Canada Day Texas Hold ‘Em tournament.

Participants must wear a mask and no spectators permitted at the poker tournament.

And to end off the big day, fireworks will be held at 11:30pm.

For more information, you can contact the Recreation Director, Lisa Ivany at 922-2691.

Labrador/Quebec Border Opens

The Labrador borders are reopening for travel to neighbouring Quebec communities.

Premier Dwight Ball made the announcement today after meeting with various Labrador leaders.

The borders in Lab West and Southern Labrador will be reopened for travel to and from nearby communities like Fermont and Blanc Sablon.

While the border checkpoint will remain in place to monitor movement in Labrador West, the Lower North Shore checkpoint will be lifted at the end of Thursday.

Travellers between the communities will not be required to self-isolate unless they have symptoms or if they have travelled outside Newfoundland and Labrador or Quebec in the previous 14 days.

Hopedale Canada Day Events

There will also be Canada Day events be held in Hopedale.

On Tuesday, June 30th, there will be a Giant Radio Bingo with cards selling for $30 and Early birds selling for $5 at the Nanuk Centre and Fire Hall.

On Canada Day, Wednesday, July 1st, all best decorations will be held from 10am to 1:30 pm at the Nanuk Centre.

Then from 1-6pm, there will be a Family Riddle Scavenger Hunt.

There will also be a Canada Day parade starting at the Nanuk Centre at 2pm.

Weather permitting, the fishing contest will be held next Friday, July 4th with the deadline being on July 3rd, and weighing time will be at 8pm.

The Family Kushie Find was moved from July 3rd to the 4th and the deadline is when the fishing contest ends.

Tracy’s Wool and Things (Audio)

Tracy Denniston has started up a new business as a side job; her business is titled “Tracy’s Wool & Things”.

OK Radio was in contact with Dennistion to find out more about her new business.

She says her business is in the early stages but she hopes it will benefit the people of Nain.

Click here to hear Denniston.

NL Moves to Alert Level Two Tomorrow

Newfoundland and Labrador is readying itself for the move to Alert Level Two tomorrow, and according to one medical expert, the best way to keep our case numbers low is to continue following the basic guidelines that have been set out since day one.

Dr. Lisa Barrett is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University.

She reiterates that COVID-19 is a respiratory droplet virus, meaning you have to either be in close proximity to someone, or you have to be touching your face without washing your hands to get it.

Therefore, Dr. Barrett says physical distancing from people you don’t know and hand washing will be just as important in level two as it was in level four or three.

She attests that the biggest risk as more places open will be the density of people in one place. She says physical distancing and hand washing is the best defense.