Siku Information Session

There was a Siku Information Session held last month at the Nunatsiavut Government Boardroom.

The purpose of this meeting was to hear the concerns and address the results on how Siku made the same tools available across Inuit Nunangat.

We had one of our radio producers attend this session.

She says there was a fair number of people attended this meeting and turned out well.

Tune in to our Sunday Show on September 15, 2019 to hear Part 1 of the information session that was held last month.

Torngats Arts and Crafts Having a Sale

The Torngats Arts and Crafts will be having another sale this month.

Molly Shiwak is the Volunteer Board with Torngat Arts and Crafts.

She says they will have a sale on Monday, September 30, 2019 starting from 4:30-6:30pm.

Materials for sale will include various colors of Commander Cloth, leather, and different types of beads.

Shiwak adds that they still have jewelry to sell along with some carvings, hats, and cards.

Moose Licences Available for Beneficiaries

The Nunatsiavut Government has 29 licences to be drawn and harvested by Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement for the 2019-2020 hunting season.

The 2019-2020 Beneficiary moose licences will be distributed as follows:

• Nain – 6 licences
• Hopedale – 6 licences
• Postville – 3 licences
• Makkovik – 5 licences
• Rigolet – 5 licences
• Upper Lake Melville – 4 licences

Licences will be valid for 14 days, if not filled within 14 days; a new draw will take place to designate a new hunter and will continue until all licences are filled.

Any interested Beneficiaries must apply at their local Nunatsiavut Government office.

There is a limit per household and you must present yourself at a Nunatsiavut Government office to have your name entered into a draw.

Proof of residency as well as your Nunatsiavut Beneficiary card may be requested.

The 2019-2020 Moose hunting season will open on September 16, 2019 and will close on March 31st, 2020.

Any Beneficiaries with questions or comments can contact Todd Broomfield at 709-923-2004.

Take Back The Night

Take Back the Night will be taking place in Nain by the Safe House on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 6:30pm.

Nicole Dicker is the Executive Director for the Nain Safe House.

She says starting on Wednesday, September 18, there will be a Poster Making located at the DHSD Multipurpose Room from 1-3pm for all ages and all is welcome.

On Thursday, September 19, the Nain Safe House will also have a Clothing Giveaway from 11am-3pm, weather permitting.

There will also be a tour for women at the Safe House on Friday, September 20, from 1:30pm.

Dicker says that the doors will be locked at 1:40pm, so please make sure you are on time.

And starting on Monday, September 23rd, they will hold the Take Back the Night March beginning at the RCMP Detachment and will end at the Safe House.

T-Shirts, Flash Lights, and some Reflective Arm Bands will be handed out.

She also says that at the end of the walk, soup, chilli, and rolls will be served, and tickets will be drawn.

Dicker would like to thank her planning committee for planning this year’s Take Back the Night Event.

Nain and Makkovik Fish Plant Update

The Nain fish plant is busy with Scallops.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Office Supervisor for the plant.

She says 1,225lbs of green scallops and 58lbs shucked scallops has been landed to date.

Kohlmeister says there are 10 employees working on scallops.

She adds that there are crab legs, crab claws, shrimp, cod fillets and smoked char to sell if anyone is interested.

The Makkovik fish plant is busy with Turbot as well.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager.

He says there are 25 employees working at the plant.

Andersen says 321,166lbs of Turbot has been landed to date and there are 3 Turbot boats fishing.

Master Apprentice Program (Audio)

The Nunatsiavut Government is busy offering programs to preserve our language.

We spoke with Shirley Jararuse who is the Language Program Coordinator.

She says there will be people coming from along the coast to do some training for the Master Apprentice Program that will be going on until end of March.

Jararuse adds that this has been going on since 2016 and is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Click here to hear more of what Jararuse has to say on the Master Apprentice Program.

Sewing Machine Tune Up & Repairs Available

Sewing machine tune up and repairs are available in Happy-Valley, Goose Bay.

We spoke with Danny Swearinger who lives in Goose Bay.

He says he has been in business working on sewing machines for 35 years.

And out of those 35 years, he has been serving customers in Goose Bay for 15 years.

He says he is providing pick up and drop off’s for his customers for free if anyone needs their sewing machines fixed or repaired.

There is a fee of $75 per customer who needs tune up and/or repairs.

Swearinger also says that there is a cost for parts that need to be replaced.

So, if anyone needs their sewing machines fixed, you can call 896-9044 or check out their website at

NICG Update

The Nain Inuit Community Government Municipality crew are quite busy again.

We spoke with AngajukKâk Joe Dicker.

He says crew members are busy repairing a leak by the Nunatsiavut Government building.

The boys are cleaning up and will be working on the leak tomorrow.

So due to this leak, they will be shutting off the water line from Harry Hayes house down, across the brook will also be affected.

Dicker says there is a pump on the old dam that will fill up water for the new water tank for Hydro, and they are doing this to do some testing.

The pump will be removed later today.

And he would also like to inform the public about the Black Bear encounters in the community.

They still have the committee put in place for the community volunteers.

So if residents encounter any black bear sightings, you are asked to inform the Nain RCMP, RCMP members will then inform one of the community volunteers.

Dicker adds that the new lots are now ready to be handed over to the community government.

These lots will be for the Torngat housing Association to build new homes, so please be advised that there will be construction going on sometime soon.

NICG Rec Dept. New Policy

The Nain Inuit Community Government Recreation Department would like to inform parents and guardians about their new policy they put in place since September 6, 2019.

Children 7 years of age and younger are not permitted to be dropped off to the Jeremias Sillitt Community Center or at the Nain Husky Center unsupervised unless there is a regular scheduled program for them to attend.

Such as the After School Program, Minor Hockey Program, or a regular scheduled program.

Calendars for the programs will only be available on September 16, 2019.

If there is a program scheduled for them that day, parents can freely “drop” their children off to take part in the program and should advise staff in their children can leave the program once time allocated for program has finished.

Late fees will apply for those children not picked up on time, however they encourage parents to stay and take part in the program if possible.

Parents who attend to events, whether it is a sporting event, special event, etc. must supervise their children or children in their care at all times.

Staff at the Nain Husky center and JS is not responsible for looking after your children if not enrolled in any programs.

This new policy is put in place because they want safety and the wellbeing of children attending to the JS and Nain Husky Center as well as others attending these facilities.

Children require a lot of attention and supervision and for this reason should not be left unattended or unsupervised in public buildings.

Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

The Climate Change Adaptation Workshop will be going ahead this weekend.

Mel Flynn is a PHD Researcher with the Leeds Memorial University Newfoundland in the United Kingdom.

Currently they are looking for 10-15 people who would be interested in taking part of this 2 day Climate Change Adaptation Workshop out on the land.

This workshop will be located at a near cabin in Itillialuk.

Flynn says anyone from the ages of 15 years old and up can attend.

If you are interested in going off on the land to learn more about the Climate Change Adaptation you can experience hands on.

Interested persons will have to review the information package and are asked to sign a consent form.

Consent forms can be signed at the Nain Resource Center.

For more information about this two day workshop you can contact Paul McCarney at the Nain resource center at 922-2380.

Tune into our AtjiKangitut show tomorrow to find out more about this workshop.