Gas Station Fire of Long Ago (Audio)

To remember some stories of what happened in Nain back then, is something most of the residents will remember.

Gordon Obed is a senior of Nain and remembers when the gas station pump caught on fire.

He says he dressed up and ran over to where the fire was, and that some people were there already and shoveling snow.

Click here to hear more from Obed later in the program.

Qanuippitaa Health Survey

The Qanuippitaa National Inuit Health Survey is hosting an open house in Rigolet tomorrow March 23rd at Strathcona House at 5pm.

This event is a celebration of the start of data collection for the survey in Rigolet.

The Nunatsiavut Government welcomes the community to this public even to introduce the QNIHS Fieldworker team.

There will be light refreshments and a meet and greet with the QNIHS Team.

Data collection started in Rigolet on March 13 and will continue throughout the coming weeks.

Participants is an excellent opportunity for Inuit to have their voices heard on what matters to them in the areas of health.

To learn more, visit or

PUB Review Prices

The Public Utility Board (PUB) has released the list of issues to a considered part as part of the province’s Petroleum Products Pricing review.

Phase one of the review has concluded and the second phase is now underway.

Issues identified include whether changes to the benchmark data be made, whether the prescribed benchmark data do not reasonably reflect product cost in some zones and whether the benchmark prices should continue to be calculated on a seven-day average.

A report by R Cube Economic Consulting Incorporated, the Board’s consultation for Phase II is expected to be filed by this spring.

The PUB advises there will be another opportunity for those interested to provide their views before the second phase concludes in the fall.

Story courtesy of VOCM news.

Robert C. Lyall Community Award

The Robert C. Lyall Community Award was created by Robert’s Grandchildren to honor their late Grandfather and to acknowledge others for their dedication and generosity to their communities.

The Robert C. Lyall award will be presented to an individual in recognition of their service work, their contributions to their community, and upholding the values of our organization “to enrich the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Labrador”, as Robert Lyall did.

Robert was active in many different organizations; President of the Lion’s Club; President & Board Member of Labrador Friendship Center; President of Labrador Legal Service. He was also involved on several boards: Melville Native Housing; involved with the creation and establishment of the Labrador Correctional Centre; LIA Vice President; & OKâlaKatiget Society.

Robert is a life-time honorary member of the National Association of Friendship Centres, and on June 11, 1992, the Labrador Friendship Centre Building in Happy Valley-Goose Bay was named The Robert C. Lyall Building. Robert was also proud to be a Chapel Servant at the Moravian Church for more than 60 years, a task that he enjoyed to the fullest.

For his generous contributions to these organizations and associations, he received recognition from various provincial, national, and international associations:

• He was the proud recipient of the Queen’s Golden (2002) and Diamond (2013) Jubilee Medals
• He was the recipient of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador in March of 2020

Robert C. Lyall leaves behind some invaluable life lessons:

• Help those who are in need
• Be kind to people
• Love and support one another

OKalaKatiget still seeking Executive Director

The OKâlaKatiget Society is looking to hire a full-time permanent Executive Director.

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director co-ordinates all administrative and policy activity to ensure that the OKâlaKatiget Society meets its goals and objectives.

The successful applicant should have:

• A degree in Journalism or related education and work experience
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• High degree of self-motivation and interest in current Labrador issues
• Ability to speak and understand Inuttitut a major asset

The salary range will start at $57,000 and will commensurate with experience.

If anyone is interested in applying, you can send your resumes to:

OKâlaKatiget Society
PO Box 160, Nain NL
A0P 1L0

Or by email at

World TB Day Events (audio)

World TB (Tuberculosis) Day is celebrated annually on March 24 each year.

This day is designed to build public awareness about the global epidemic of tuberculosis and efforts to eliminate the disease.

This year in Nain, World TB Day will be taking place on Thursday March 30, 2023.

We spoke with Megan Hudson who is the TB nurse with DHSD in Nain.

She says the original date was scheduled for tomorrow but is now rescheduled to take place next week.

Stay tuned to our AtjiKangitut show today to find out more about the World TB Day.

Cape Makkovik Cup

The Deadline to register your teams for the Cape Makkovik Cup is tomorrow Wednesday, March 22nd.

This year marks the 3rd annual event.

The Ice Hockey Tournament will take place on Friday March 31 and end on April 2nd, 2023.

Right now, they have 4 teams registered and are hoping to have 1 or 2 more teams registered by tomorrow.

For more information about the Cape Makkovik Cup, you can contact Chantelle Evans or Michelle Dyson for more information.

50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the amalgamation of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and the Local Improvement District of GB.

This year also marks the happens to be 80th anniversary of the beginnings of Happy Valley when residents first moved from Birch Island. This day is recognized on Tuesday, September 26.

“Come Home Year Celebration Events will be held from July 28 to August 13.

Spread the word and invite family and friends to come “home” to celebrate this significant milestone in the history.

If you have an idea for the celebrations, or are interested in volunteering for a particular event, the planning committee would like to hear from you.

They are also looking for people eager to showcase their talents at various events, photos or possessions.

For more information contact Greg at or call 896-5427.

Avian Influenza

A deadly strain of avian influenza that swept through seabird colonies in Newfoundland and Labrador last summer, and early fall is still a cause for concern heading into a new yea, warns an expert.

Bill Montivecchi, a seabird biologist with MUN said the provinces colonies were “hammered” by the disease last year, resulting in the death of tens of thousands of birds, where many birds washed up on shores.

This started in May last year, he added experts are hoping the best for this summer and remain monitoring like the seabird, murres. It is ongoing like COVID, it is difficult to predict the seabird populations.

But the winter months showed some positive signs of the murres.

Pauktuutit Forum

Pauktuutit has announced an upcoming Midwifery Forum on Tuesday, March 28 to the 30th.

This is an urgent need to increase Inuit midwifery all across in Inuit Nunangat.

The Board of Directors continues to identify as a key priority for Inuit women. To further this important work, they will host key stake holders at their first national Inuit Midwifery Framework to guide efforts calling for return of Inuit led midwifery services.

The generations, Inuit women relied on local midwives, who traditionally filled a role of productive health care to expectant mothers. Giving births to a child was a family and community centered event by longstanding traditional birthing practices, unfamiliar to Inuit.

To register for the Inuit Midwifery Forum, you can check their website at