Second part of the recorded Christmas greetings

The OKâlaKatiget Society will be airing the second recorded Christmas greetings.

Every year we contact different organizations so they can send in a Christmas greeting on behalf of their departments.

We contacted the following people to record their Christmas Greetings: Sophie Jararuse-Keelan, Nain RCMP detachment, Buddy Merkuratsuk, Emerald Hay-Jenkins, Betty Maggo, Lena Onalik, Edna Winters, Elizabeth from Rigolets Academy school, Chesley Sheppard, Barry Andersen, Greg Osmond, Julie Dicker, Barbara Edmunds, Wally Andersen, Abele Ikkusek, Kelly Edmunds, Margret Harris, Amalia Frieda, Katie Semigak Sr, Margret Saksagiak, Frank Sillitt, Brian McNeil.

Stay tuned to our AtjiKangitut show today to hear the second recorded Christmas greetings.