New Website Focuses on Labrador Inuit Cultural Research

The Tradition and Transition Partnership website is now launched, and is the go-to place for information and updates on cultural research by and with the Inuit of Labrador.

Here you will find photos, articles, announcements, and more, about all the cultural research and community involvement happening in and around Nunatsiavut.

The research partnership is between the Nunatsiavut Inuit Government, Memorial University, and over twenty other organizations, from the small and local, to the large and international.

The project is designed to last five years, but its impact will be felt for some time to come.

Tradition and Transition has been designed to be a place where academic curiosity and the knowledge of lived experience of the Labrador Inuit meet.

The goal of the partnership is to understand and strengthen Labrador Inuit culture, identity, and language.

The partnership has been years in the making, and its organizers are ecstatic to see their work come to life, and go online for the world to see.

The 7.4 million dollar research partnership is made possible by the generous support from the Socials Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Nunatsiavut, Memorial University, and the important contributions made by more than twenty partner organizations.

To stay up to date on all of the happenings with the Tradition and Transitions project, please visit their website and social media accounts:

Inukitut Website.:
English Website: