MHA Edmunds Dealing with Many Issues (Audio)

The MHA for Torngat Mountains District, Randy Edmunds, says transportation is one of the main issues he is dealing with.

He says he wants to ensure the vessels MV Northern Ranger and MV Astron are ready to serve the north coast of Labrador again this summer.

Edmunds says there are many other issues that have to be dealt with in regard to the tough budget that came out, and that they have to work it out to make improvements.

He says, for instance, regarding education and adult services.

Edmunds says, on the other hand, there are some infrastructure improvements that they plan to announce soon, and hopefully will continue to roll out some improvements and information within the next three and a half years.

He adds the fishery for the north coast communities is looking good for the fish plants in Nain and Makkovik.

Edmunds says he’s travelling to each of the north coast communities to attend the annual school graduations, and hopes to be in Nain for the weekend.

He says MP Yvonne Jones and Prime Minister Dwight Ball were going to be in attendance for the graduation. But the plan changed yesterday, so Jones, along with Ball, will not make it, but they are re-scheduling to make it to Nain sometime at a later date.

Click here to hear MHA Edmunds give you more details about the issues.