Nain Craft Shop/Youth Symposium

The Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated was not operational in Nain since this summer due to no funding to run the Nain Craft shop.

Heather Angnatok is one of the committee members for the Craft Shop.

Angnatok says due to no funding it was closed during summer of this year and it is still not in operation.

She adds that they are trying to obtain more funding to continue their services for the Nain Craft Shop.

They are working on another proposal for funding and are looking for different sources of funders.

Angnatok says right now they are quite positive about this new proposal and they are hopeful for this to start back up again in the near future, this is a process they have to go through.

On another note the Youth symposium are trying to find youth from all along the coast from Hopedale, Postville Nain and Rigolet to find volunteers to take part in the Youth Symposium planning committee.

This planning committee is for any youth between the ages of 15-30.

If anyone would like to be on the Youth Symposium planning committee please contact Heather Angnatok at 922-2114 ext. 241 and or Cassie Jararuse at 923-2365 ext. 235