Language Programming

The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism at Nunatsiavut here in Nain is busy with programming.

Shirley Jararuse is the Language Program Coordinator for NG.

She says for the Language Summit is planned for Nov. 4-6 here in Nain and will be held at Jeremias Sillitt Community Centre.

The purpose for the summit is to develop a Language Strategy.

There will be 50 delegates including speakers, elders, youth, and ministers.

Jararuse says there will also be a logo contest planned to be used at the event and future events and programs and will look for updates as they become available.

Jararuse adds that they have ordered puppets from independent puppet makers, Trisha Laye and Kim Lea, of Hay River, NWT that just arrived last week.

She says they look like Inuit grandparents and will be known as “Anânsiak & Atâtsiak/Ânak”.

They will be used during play time for Language Nests and Day Cares in the Nunatsiavut region. Only Inuttitut must be used during this time.

The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism found out about these puppets from an online article by CBC and got in touch with them to make them for them.

She says to keep a look out for notices for any upcoming naming contest to name the puppets in traditional Inuit names in Nunatsiavut.

Alana Johns, a retired linguist is in partnership with the Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, with the help of Rita Andersen are also planning to put phrases together and put in an Inuttitut phrase book as well as into an App for mobile devices.

And the upcoming events are the Master- Apprentice Inuttitut Program that will be restarting in September, Inuttitut Terminology Workshop in the fall or spring, and the date for for their pilot project; Inuttitut evening classes in Nain for 6 months are yet to be determined.

They are also working on a tentative workshop for September 20-22.

Last but not least, the IlinniaKatigennik are still on the lookout for Inuttitut story tellers or singers.

So, anyone willing to tell some stories or sing some songs in Inuttitut will be paid $25 per recording can go see Shirley Jararuse at the Nunatsiavut building or call her at 922-2955, anyone out of town call our toll free line at 1-855-922-2955.

The OKâlaKatiget will have more info once it becomes available.