Language Nest in Hopedale

The Language Nest Program in Hopedale will be closing for the summer on June 26, 2019.

Tracy Dicker is the Day Care Administrator and the Supervisor for Inuaggualuit at The Department of Health and Social Development office.

Dicker says there are currently two children enrolled in the program with two child care workers.

She adds that if there were more children in the program a schedule for rotation would need to be enforced due to lack of staffing.

The two children who are with the Language Nest will be taking part in the Day Care Center’s year end party that will take place on Friday June 21st.

Dicker adds that the Language Nest program will open again on September 3rd and registration will take place a few days later after opening day.

In other news from DHSD in Hopedale, blasting for the new DHSD building took place last year and the foundation for the structure will begin this year.

It was scheduled for the new building to be completed for the fall of 2019, but Dicker expects the new building to be completed for 2020.