Language Summit

A Language Summit is scheduled to take place in Nain in November.

Shirley Jararuse is the Language Program Coordinator for the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

Jararuse says that they are expecting approximately 50 participants to take part in the summit and they are hoping to include participants from the other Inuit regions.

Jararuse adds that a committee has been formed from the department of education and department of health to work on the logistics.

The meeting will focus on developing a language strategy.

Jararuse says an application process will be put in place for potential participants for the summit.

She adds that a theme has been selected for the two day event but it still has not been publicized.

The Language Summit will be held on November 4 to the 6, 2019 and a logo contest for the Language Summit will be released, and Jararuse says also to look out for that advertisement in the very near future.