Hebron Family Archeology Research Project (Audio-Inuktitut Only)

John Jararuse of Nain, who was relocated from Hebron, will be spending some of his time at his home community this summer.

Jararuse says he and Jerry Tuglavina, also a relocatee from Hebron, were selected to go north to Hebron to help with archeological research that will take place.

He says they’ll be accompanied by some archeologists.

They will be doing some research on the community, and the homes that were once there.

Jararuse and Tuglavina will help the archeologists determine who the houses belonged to, and where they were before the community was relocated.

Jararuse adds they will leave Nain and travel by plane to Saglek on Monday, July 25.

Click here to hear Jararuse talk about what will be happening up in Hebron this summer.