Going Off Growing Strong Featured In Documentary on CTV

The Nunatsiavut Government’s Going Off Growing Strong Program has received $150,000.00 from Bell Aliant’s Let’s Talk Program.
Clara Hughes is the National Spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk.

Hughes says that she was so inspired by the young people she had met who are involved in the program.
Bell Let’s Talk promotes mental Health based on four actions: anti stigma, care and access, research and workplace best practices.

Dorothy Angnatok is the Research Outreach Coordinator for the Going Off Growing Strong Program.
Angnatok says this funding is being used for an additional staff member.

Sarah Karpik of Nain has been hired on as the Community Outreach Manager for the Nain Research Center.
She will hold her position for three years.

Angnatok says they have enhanced their programming since Karpik was hired.
Marjorie Flowers is the Team Leader for The Department of Health and Social Development in Hopedale.
Flowers says that a Going Off Growing Strong Program started in her community last year.
Flowers adds they have five youth involved in their programming.

The Going Off Growing Strong youth participants and Dorothy Angnatok of Nain went on a trip last year as part of Clara’s Big Ride, and a documentary was filmed.
This documentary can be seen on January 28th at 7pm on CTV.
On January 28th, Bell will donate 5 cents towards Canadian mental health programs for the following:
Every text message, wireless and long distance call made by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant customers.
Every tweet using #BellLetsTalk.

Every Facebook share on Bell’s Let’s Talk Day image at Facebook.com/BellLetsTalk.
We will be speaking with Angnatok and Flowers on tomorrow’s AtjiKangitut Program.