Cruise Ship In

The cruise ship, Adventure Canada arrived in Nain early this morning.

Two of the Brassband players were on the beach to greet them coming ashore in the cruise ship dingys.

The tourists from the ship requested to hear the Nain Choir and Brassband at the Moravian Church at 9 am.

The church was packed with tourists from the ship in their royal blue colored jackets .

Joan Dicker choir member and Tony Andersen, Minister of Education and Economic Development for Nunatsiavut Government did a speech and welcomed the tourists.

The choir sang two hymns: Initsalik and IlanaKaKa Jesutut, while Mary Binky Andersen played the organ for the choir, to lots of applause.

The event took about an hour and then the tourists continued their tour around Nain on this windy morning, with clouds of sand blowing everywhere.