Young People’s Day in Hopedale

This is Augusta Tuglavina’s 4th year volunteering preparing for their Young People’s Day in Hopedale.

She says she got the CYN and REC to book the Nanuk Centre for January 25th.

The DHSD will be providing meals for breakfast, dinner and supper and will be writing a letter to kamatsiatit for more donations.

Tuglavina says she has 4 people willing to help either cook something or help at the Nanuk Centre.

The activities for the Young People’s Day include sports such as table tennis, darts, cards or watching movies.

Tuglavina says she got about 12 people to celebrate their day so far and will be putting up more signs at the school, stores and post office to get more people join.

So, any boys or girls ages 13 and up that wants to have their day can message her through Facebook.

Anyone willing to help volunteer can let her know as she may need helpers to cook.

Make it a special day for our Young People to enjoy themselves.