School Pictures for JHMS

We’ve spoken with the principal for the Jens Haven Memorial School here in Nain about the school pictures.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal for JHMS.

Larkin says the deadline to make an order is January 23rd, 2020.

To make your order you can go to the school and fill out a form or you can order online.

If you would like to drop it off to the school with the money, they will mail it to them and will then get the pictures at the school when it arrives.

To order online, you can go to their website at

Larkin says for the graduation pictures for the kindergarten and Grade 12 classes, they will be coming late January or mid February.

He also adds that the three jobs are still available for an Inuktitut teacher, an Illusivut teacher and a custodian.

There is no deadline and will be open until the jobs are filled.