Winter Sportsmeet Results

The Winter Sports meet took place this past weekend in Postville.

We spoke with Howard Worthman who is the Vice-Principal of B.L. Morrison School.

He gave us information about the Winter Meet.

Here are the results; in Badminton; Rigolet came in 1st place, Hopedale placed 2nd and Postville placed 3rd.

In ball hockey; Nain came in 1st, Makkovik came in 2nd and 3rd place went to Postville.

In the girl’s singles Cross Country Skiing, Samantha Williams from Rigolet came in 1st place, Michelle Nochasak from Makkovik came 2nd, and Brianna Wolfery from Rigolet came 3rd.

In the boys singles Cross Country Skiing, 1st place went to Liam Dyson from Makkovik, 2nd place went to Trevor Dicker from Nain, and Shannon Howell also from Nain came in 3rd.

In the females Cross Country Skiing, Rigolet came in 1st followed by Makkovik 2nd and Hopedale placed 3rd.

In the males Cross Country Skiing, Makkovik team came in 1st, Nain came 2nd and third place went to Hopedale.

For the outdoor soccer; Makkovik came 1st, Nain 2nd and Rigolet came 3rd.

In the Labrathon, Liam and Emily from Makkovik finished 1st, Trevor Dicker and Madison Dicker from Nain came in 2nd, and Brady and Samantha from Rigolet came in 3rd.

In teams from the Labrathon, Rigolet came 1st, Makkovik was, 2nd, and Hopedale 3rd.

1st place for the female Northern Games was Rigolet, 2nd place went to Postville and 3rd came to a tie of Makkovik and Hopedale.

1st place for the male Northern Games was Postville, Hopedale 2nd and Makkovik 3rd.

The Female MVP went to Samantha Williams from Postville and the Male MVP was Hanson Jacque from Rigolet.

The Female Most Sportsman-like award went to Allison Gear of Postville and the Male Most Sportsman-like award went to William Tuglavina of Hopedale.

Team Mr. Obed Award went to Natuashish and First place in the overall results of the sports meet; Makkovik 1st, Rigolet 2nd and Hopedale 3rd.