Visitation Restriction Reduced

Labrador – Grenfell Health is advising the public that effective today, July 23rd , visitor restrictions in place at all facilities will be reduced. The following guidelines are in place to support visitation and hours:

Acute Care will be from 10 am to 10pm daily.

For residents in Long Term Care will remain unchanged while they continue to work to accommodate families. Visitors may visit more often than one time each day.

If a patient/resident is in a shared room, visitors must follow physical distancing measures. They ask visitors respect the comfort level of the other patients/residents in the room.

Some spaces maybe unable to accommodate multiple visitors at the same time. In these situations, the clinical care team will work with the patient/visitor/family to identify options to visitations.

Visitations are encouraged in a patient/resident room or outdoors. Physical distancing must be maintained if visitation take place outside the room and inside the facility.

Each time you enter a health care facility please limit your visitation to one patient/resident in extenuating circumstances, visits with more than on patient/resident is permitted.

All visitors must register upon arrival and be screened for COVID-19. You may let the screeners know you have already completed your screening if your retuning more multiple visits same day. Please note there may be a delay in screening if there are a high number of visitors, be patient and respectful.

For appointments or Emergency Department visits: patients are asked if they consider a support person. Support persons may have to wait outside the facility to ensure there’s adequate space in the waiting area for patients. The care team will accommodate the support person in the treatment when requested by the patient.

If you have questions about visitation or COVID-19 guidelines at LGH facilities contact the care team to discuss visitation of your loved one.