OKalaKatiget Society Radio Department Annual Christmas Carol Schedule for 2018-2019

Ok radio will start playing Christmas Carols this coming Sunday Advent 2, December 9th.

With Christmas fast approaching Ok radio will gladly play your Christmas Greeting Requests again.

We will start playing your Christmas Greeting Requests on Monday, Dec. 10, 2018.

So anyone in Nain who would like to send in Christmas Greeting Requests to their family and friends can do so, by dropping off written requests here at OKalaKatiget Society.

People who are out of town may mail in their greetings to:

OkalaKatiget Society
P.O Box 160
94 Middle Path Road
Nain, NL, AOP 1LO

OR, go to out website at www.okradio@oksociety.com to send your greetings.