Polling Stations for the MHA Torngat Mountains District

Its Election Day tomorrow, Thursday, May 16 for MHA for the Provincial General Election for the Torngat Mountains District.

There are 2 candidates running for MHA, first candidate running is Randy Edmunds who is running for liberal and Leila Evans from Makkovik who is running for PC.

Polling stations will be located at the following communities and location:

In Nain votes can be done at the Nain Inuit Community Government office in the board room.

In Natuashish voters can vote at the Band Council office, board room; In Hopedale at the HICG board room, and in Postville at the Recreation Hall, In Makkovik at the Community Hall and in Rigolet at the Strathcona Building.

The poll will open tomorrow morning at 7:30am and close at 7:30pm.