OkKak 100 Year Commemoration Applications

To commemorate the significance of the community of OkKak, the Nunatsiavut Government, in partnership with Parks Canada will host an OkKak 100-Year Commemoration at OkKak from September 24-26, 2019.

To commemorate the significant event, 100 people will travel to OkKak by ship to celebrate the community and residents and descendants of OkKak while paying respects and acknowledge the tragedy that happened in 1918.

Participants will stay at OkKak for 3 days, travel and hunt in the area, participate in healing workshops, storytelling sessions, attend a memorial service, erect a monument, etc.

Applicants are now being accepted to attend.

If you are a descendant of OkKak who is interested in attending the 100-Year Commemoration Event, please submit a completed application to Brenda Jararuse by email at brenda.jararuse@nunatsiavut.com, and her phone number is 709-922-2942 ext. 239. Or you can send it to your community liaison officer.

Anyone needing assistance with filling out the application can also go and see the Community Liaison Officers in each community for assistance.

In Hopedale, their Liaison officer is Ethel Hunter
Makkovik – Carol Gear
Goose Bay – Ataomie Blake
St. John’s – Tama Fost
Nain – Rutie Dicker
Postville – Gillian Gear
Rigolet – Paula Mclean Sheppard

Please submit your application by August 18, 2019, no later than 4:30pm.