Okak Family Tree

The Tradition and Transition in Partnership with the Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial University would like to get community input about their research on the Survivors of the Okak Flu of 1918 and 1919.

They hired a Genealogist Researcher to gather information about the Okak Family Tree.

We spoke with Patty Way who is the Genealogist researcher.

Way is conducting information about survivors of the Okak Flu.

Her research is about survivors, who they are, or what became of them, and information about the descendants of the survivors today.

She says there were only only 59 survivors of the Okak Spanish Flu.

And out of the 59 survivors, 19 were male and 40 were female.

She is also asking our listening audience for help on finding information about three people.

She needs to find out more information and you may be able to help her.

To find out more about her research, click here.