Nunatsiavut Children’s Book Project

The Nunatsiavut Government is supporting the development of an educational book, about the children of Nunatsiavut, with an expected publication date of December 2020.

Sylvia Moore is the Institute of Memorial University.

The book will reflect the life of the children through pictures that illustrate their lives on the north coast. For example: children might be picking berries, snowshoeing, or fishing.

The book will be organized in four sections; one for each season.

Parents and family are welcome to submit photos.

All photos should be natural or candid (not looking at the camera).

For the photos chosen for the book, parents/guardians must give consent for use of the photo.

Photos not used in the book may be used in a poster of additional photos that will accompany the book.

If you want more information please contact Sylvia at 709-896-6396 or email

You can also mail in your photos by mail to Sylvia at PO Box 490, Station B, HVGB NL, A0P 1E0.