Last day for Sports Meet Alumni

This Sunday, October 13th is the last day for the Alumni Sports meet here in Nain.

The schedule for today, October 11th, began at 8:30 am with a Drive through Cross Country Running Course followed by the Women’s Cross Country Run at 9:00 am, and then at 10 am was the Men’s Cross Country Run.

At 10:30, they did Archery and started Volleyball at 1 pm.

This evening starting 6:30 they will go ahead with Inuit Games such as; Seal Crawl, Back to Back and Monkey Dance.

On Sunday, October 13 at 9 am, they will start with the Women’s 50 m relay followed by the Men’s 50 m relay and at 11 they will go ahead with the Women’s Volley-Ball finals.

That afternoon starting at 2 pm they will hold the Men’s Volleyball Finals.

The Athletes Banquet will be held later that evening at 5 pm.

Starting at 6 pm the community is welcome to attend the Awards Night.

On Monday, October 14th the athletes will travel back to their home town.

Good luck to all teams who are participating in this year’s first Alumni sports meet.