Nunatsiavut Assembly to Sit Virtually as Travel Between Communities Discouraged

The Nunatsiavut Assembly will sit virtually the week of January 24 to minimize the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19.

“It is unfortunate that we find ourselves having to hold another virtual sitting due to this pandemic,” says the Speaker of the Nunatsiavut Assembly, Susan Onalik. “It is in the abundance of caution with respect to the health and safety of ourselves and our communities that we must do so at this time.”

There are growing concerns that travel to, from and between Labrador Inuit communities, including by snowmobile, is likely to increase in the days and weeks ahead as snow and ice conditions improve throughout the region.

“It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is for people to remain in their home communities, and to only travel if it is absolutely essential,” says Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe. “COVID-19 only moves when people move, so our best defense is to stay put and to continue following all public health protocols. We can’t afford to take any chances.”

The Assembly sitting will be simultaneously translated in both Inuttitut and English and steamed live at Nuntasiavut Government – Assembly Meeting ( and on the Nunatsiavut Government Facebook page.