NICG Update

The Nain Inuit Community Government has a few things in place that they’re working on for the summer.

Joe Dicker is the AngajukKâk for the NICG.

He says the contaminants in the soil that are being dumped behind Morhardt has been taken care of and are waiting for the Department of Environment to approve on continuing the dumping of it.

Dicker says that it is safe for the public and no one’s health will be affected or put in any danger.

The sub division is another matter and is being worked on.

Dicker mentions that the seven-plex is under a contract with the NG.

There will also be a music festival to celebrate life in August and will be going on for at least three days.

The water and sewer was also mentioned as it hasn’t been finalized but will be worked on next year.

There is also another leak on the road by the NG Building but will be only be worked on Monday, so the water will not be shut off the weekend.

They are also setting up a monitoring team because of the recent sightings of black bears and should be put in place next week.

So, for everyone’s safety, if any black bears are sighted are asked to call the RCMP right away.