Makkovik, Postville, and Rigolet ICG Updates

The OKâlaKatiget Radio contacted each of the Inuit Community Government offices on the North coast Communities to get updates on what is happening in their communities.

Barry Andersen is the AngajukKâk for Makkovik.

He says that they have three summer students hired on until late August.

Two students are working with the Recreation Department while one student is working outside doing maintenance work.

The outside workers right now are doing road maintenance and regular duties and just recently finished up with a town clean up.

Cheryl Goudie is the Town Manager for Postville.

She says that the Interpretation Centre and the Craft Shop is under construction and is expected to be complete in three months time.

Funding was also given the PICG to start building a slip way for a new boat launch this summer.

There will also be contractors going to town to do upgrades on the land lots.

They are also working on doing cement padding for the fencing and generator portable dispensing water unit.

Goudie says that they are in the process of finishing the Play Park and will be filling in the soccer field with sand.

Paula Flowers is the Chief of Administrator for the Rigolet Inuit Community Government.

She says that there is 4 summer students hired since July 1st, and their last day will be August 23, 2019.

There is still no gas in their town and the gas station has been closed since May 31st, 2019. There are a few people stock piling on gas, but is now running out.

There has been no garbage collection this week due to no gas in the RICG vehicles, so right now the garbage is piled up somewhere safe so no animals can get to it.

The town is currently having a town clean up, but is limited as they have no transportation to go to the town dump.

Flowers adds that they have been hoping everyday for gas to start the garbage collection and such, and she asks everyone to be patient.