NG Seek Contractors

NG is seeking bids from qualified contractors to begin construction of a 4136 square foot Duplex Apartment Building in Makkovik during the 2023 construction season.

The NG intends for the construction of the two-level apartment building to be substantially to complete within 16 months from the date of notification award of contract. Details for this tender can be found on MERX Canadians Public Tenders on the website.

Bids are to be submitted online through MERX Canadian Public Tenders no later than 2pm on Tuesday, April 18 this year.

For information, please contact Terry Rice – Capital Project Coordinator at, cc:, with subject line CONSTRUCTION OF DUPLEX APARTMENT MAKKOVIK (NGINF-104A).

The lowest cost or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted and the Nunatsiavut Government reserves the right to cancel this RFP.

Proposals will be evaluated on the principles of value for money, which include an evaluation of the Inuit Content factor pursuant to the Procurement Act.