Gathering Place

The bus outside the Gathering Place on Military Road is gone, but for a good reason.

A vehicle slid into the slippery road condition on Friday according to Gathering Place Executive Director, Paul Davis. The shelter was the focus of some controversy over the winter when a Metrobus notification went up indicating that it was being removed.

That resulted in a public outcry and resulted in an agreement between council and Metrobus that it would remain for the time being.

The shelter was removed on the weekend because of the damage caused.

Metrobus says decision on replacement of the structure had not yet been made.

Executive Director hopes to have the shelter will be replaced.

And the Executive Director of the Gathering Place, Paul Davis has written a letter Metrobus asking them to consider expanding the shelter outside the facility.

He is suggesting that it is a good time to have a discussion about a better model of what could be put back there. He is hopeful that Metrobus will see the benefit of the bus shelter and ensure that it is replaced.