New Airport Project for Nain

The current Nain airport falls short of meeting the transportation needs for the local Nunatsiavut community.

The current airstrip alignment causes frequent delays or cancellations for nearly half of all regular flights hampering essential services and goods delivery. Sea level changes due to climate change have led to flooding the airstrip, which could cause damage and impact its load-nearing capacity.

To secure current and future generations’ access to goods and services, constructing a new airport is essential.

The Nain Airport project, led by the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) aims to build a new airport to replace the existing one, stressed by climate change. This project comprises three main components:
(1) The Airport: Includes the terminal, equipment maintenance hangar, cargo terminal (frozen cooled, regular), apron, groundside parking, and related facilities. The airport will also serve as the emergency response centre for Nain.
(2) The runway: a new airstrip approximately 1’830m in length and 40m in width
(3) The access road: a new road approximately 12 km in length joining the airport to Nain.

The core objective is to enhance transportation, health, and wellness needs in the Nain community by increasing reliability, maintaining round-the-clock operation, and enabling larger aircraft landings. This can improve connections with Inuit regions and Canada.

The NG is currently in phase three, conducting feasibility studies related to project development. Site 3 has been identified as the likely site for the Proposed New Nain Airport. The access road is the primary constraint at proposed site 3.

Phase four of the project is to secure financing for the construction. Financing will begin between 2024-2026. Between 2026-2027, is the tentative date for the NG to go over the detailed design, specifications, and construction of the new airport. For phase six, the NG will go over the certification of the facilities and commissioning of the airport.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or Colin Gilbride at colin.