Nain & Makkovik Fish Landings

A lot more char has been landed in Nain since last week.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Supervisor at the Nain fish plant.

She says a total of 34,505 lbs has been landed, and 16,149 more pounds of char was landed since last week.

Kohlmeister says there are 8 char licensed fishermen fishing, and this week, there is an additional of 4 more fisherman.

Right now, they have 20 fish plant workers, and two of those are summer students.

In Makkovik, Angel Chaulk is the Clerk.

She says a total of 169,950 lbs of snow crab has been landed, which is an additional 73,317 lbs landed since last week.

Chaulk says 37 employees are working and 12 of those are summer students.

She added there are 3 long liners fishing.