Makkovik Trout Festival Begins

This year, the community of Makkovik are celebrating their 32nd annual Trout Festival today.

The festival began this morning at 10am with an Open House in the museum and story telling.

This afternoon started at 1pm, they held a Water mania by the Museum.

From 4-5pm, there will be a community BBQ sponsored by Vale by the Museum grounds.

Then later at 6:30 this evening, the Trout Festival parade begins, $25 prizes will be awarded for best decorated Bikes, Truck/ATV, Stroller with the Trout festival theme, and everyone must meet at the school at 6:30pm for judging.

At 7:30, the Annual Albert Ford Memorial Dart tournament beings for ages 19 and older at the Community Hall.

And at 10:30pm, there will be fireworks at Hebron.

We will have Day 2 of the scheduled events for the festival tomorrow.