Nain and Makkovik Fish Plant Update

The Makkovik fish plant is done with crab for the year.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager for the plant.

He says 242,000lbs of crab has been landed to date, and this was the last boat to land its crab.

Andersen says there are 40 employees working at the plant.

He says after this day all the crab will be shipped out to Goose Bay and they will be trucked out from there.

He adds there is crab to sell at the fish plant, if anyone is interested.

The Turbot fishery will start up soon.

Nain fish plant is busy with Char as well.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Office Supervisor.

She says 19,926 lbs of Char has been landed to date.

Kohlmeister says there are 26 employees and 5 fishermen fishing.

She adds there are crab legs, smoked char and cod fillets to sell if anyone is interested.

The cost of the cod fillet is $35.00 for 5lbs.