Confirmation for Saali traveling to Nain (Audio)

The Nain Recreation Department is holding the Nain’s Music Festival end of this month.

We had a phone call yesterday from one of the musicians, Saali Keelan.

He called to confirm his flight arrangements.

Keelan says he will be traveling from Montreal on August 22, 2019 and will be spending a night in Happy Valley Goose Bay on that evening and he would like to set up a gig to perform while there.

He then will be traveling to Nain the next day on August 23.

Keelan says he will be performing in Nain on August 25 during the Nain Music Festival.

Click here to hear the interview we had with Saali Keelan.

Also during the Teen Rockers Program, We will have a name that song from one of Saali’s CDs.

So for our listeners you will have a chance to get your own Saali Keelan CD which is valued at $25.

For every right answer your name will be put into a draw for a Saali CD at the end of today’s Teen Rocker’s show.