Nain and Makkovik Fish Landings

The Makkovik fish plant is doing good with the snow crab and turbot that’s being landed.

Angel Chaulk is the Clerk for Makkovik.

She says a total of 210,389 lbs of snow crab have landed, and there’s one long liner left.

There are two turbot boats fishing and one landed in 28,533 lbs of turbot.

Chaulk says they have 36 employees working including 10 summer students.

The Nain fish plant is also doing good with the char that’s being landed.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Supervisor.

She says a total of 41,879 lbs has been landed.

There are 13 plant workers hired, one summer student, and 8 char licensed fishermen are fishing.

There are smoked char, whole char, scallops and crab legs to buy.

Kohlmeister adds that they also have free char heads if anyone would like to get some.