LWG 4 on 4 Co-ed ball Hockey Tournament

The Nain Labrador Winter games will be holding a 4 on 4 Co-Ed Ball Hockey Tournament this month.

Roxanne Andersen is the Labrador Winter Games Coordinator for the Nain team.

She says the Co-Ed Ball Hockey Tournament will be held on Friday Jan. 18th.

Andersen says they will have a meeting this Friday at 5pm at the arena.

They are still doing tryouts right now but the teams will be finalized this Sunday.

The tournament will be during the weekend with a max 8 Players, and Teams (Minus LWG Team) must have a minimum of two girls.

$15 fee per player, winners get will get half and the other half goes towards team Nain LWG fundraising efforts.

Games will be two 15 min periods with run time (stop time during the last minute of the period). Center line for offside and 7 goal mercy rule will be in effect.

For more information you can contact LWG Coordinator Roxanne Andersen for more information.