Logo Contest Winner

The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism will be holding a Language Summit in November of 2019.

The logo is strongly about Language/Culture as the theme is:
Speak it, Teach it, Live it! – Inuttitut UKâlalluta, Ilinniatitsiluta, InosiKalluta!

The committee posted ADS for Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries from July 5 to the 19th that they we’re in need of help in designing a logo.

Shirley Jararuse is the Language Program Coordinator with Nunatsiavut Government in Nain.

On Friday July 19, 2019 was the deadline for submissions. They had a total of 20 entries from Nunatsiavut.

They are happy to announce the winner of the Logo Contest, and they have chosen Jessica Winters from Makkovik.

Jararuse adds a big thanks to everyone and they all did an amazing job, and it was a hard decision.

In the meantime they are planning to display the posters with a later date to be announced.