Free health programs workshops DHSD

The Department of Health and Social Development in Nain will be holding free health program workshops for anyone who has diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, thyroid disorders.

Community health worker Alice Okkuatsiak along with Jane Merkuratsuk and Dawn Michelin will be holding these workshops.

The workshops will be 2 and a half hours a week for six weeks. The workshop will start on Thursday February 7 @ 6pm at the DHSD building.

At the workshops you will:

• Learn how to live better with your condition
• Learn how to deal with challenges including fatigue, pain, depression and frustration
• Learn better ways to communicate with your doctor, family and friends
• Discover exercises to help improve strength, flexibility and energy
• Learn how to eat healthier

To register you can call Jane Merkuratsuk at 922-2126 ext 222, Alice Okkuatsiak at 922-2126 ext 225 and Dawn Michelin at 922-2126 ext 248.