Family Literacy Day

We contacted the Nain, Hopedale and Rigolet schools to get information on Family Literacy Day.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal for Jens Haven Memorial School here in Nain.

Larkin says the Family Literacy Day will be on January 27th in the school library around 10:20 am.

We contacted one of the teachers in the Northern Lights Academy School in Rigolet.

She says their school will have their Family Literacy Day on January 27th for the Kindergarten and the Grade One class from 1 pm-3 pm.

She also says the theme will be “Hibernate with a Good Book”.

Each student can bring a parent and can wear their pajamas.

There will be books, games and snacks.

Dean Coombs is the principal for the Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale.

He says there will be a Family Night where parents and students could read to each other and play with some clay.

This will be on January 29th starting at 6 pm at the school.

The ACMS will send a memo around town for more details about Family Literacy Day.

OK Radio will have more information on the Family Literacy Day for the other communities once it becomes available.