Easter Games Schedule

As we said yesterday, here is the other half of the Easter Schedule for the 25th to the 30th of April.

On Thursday, April 25, starting at 10am at the Jeremias Sillitt Centre will be the Children’s Easter Glow in the Dark Dance Party and Easter Egg Hunt. Hotdogs, juice, and jello will be served for children’s lunch.

And in the evening will be Adult Cash Bingo starting at 5:15pm followed by Entertainment Night with the Flummies at 7:30pm.

The Entertainment Night will also be open to any local performers.

On Friday, April 26 at 10am & 1pm, will be Children’s Movie Day. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and snacks will be provided.

In the evening for 16 and up, there will be Adults Evening of men’s and women’s Pool Tournament starting at 7pm followed by the 1st Annual Martin R. Jararuse Easter Dart Tournament for ages 16 & up.

On Saturday, April 27 will be Children’s Inuit Games starting at 10am, and depending on the ice conditions, there will be Skidoo races starting at 1pm as well as Adult Ice Games.

In the evening, starting at 5pm will be the Recreation Giant Radio Bingo with $1000 Mini Jackpot and $5000 Jackpot. And at 9pm, the Flummies will be performing at the Atsanik Lodge with an admission of $10.

On Sunday, April 28, there will be a Community Breakfast at 11:30am to 1pm as well as a sliding party which will be by the JS Community Centre. And at 1pm will be target shooting.

In the evening, starting at 7pm will be Adult Evening Events at the JS Community Centre along with a Mystery Door Prize Draw.

On Monday, April 29, Adult Games will be starting off with Night of Minute to Win It, Beauty Pageant and many others, starting at 7pm.

And finally, on Tuesday, April 30, this year’s Easter Games will be finishing off with the Easter Games Awards night at 7pm followed by Family Fireworks at the Nain Harbour.