Crab Fishery Update

The Association of Seafood Producers are focused on getting the season started in an orderly manner now that a deal has finally been reached to get the delayed crab fishery underway.

According to VOCM News, A deal was announced last Friday after a 6-week impasse on the price set by the Fish Price Setting Panel. While the price hasn’t moved from the original $1.20 set, the markets have even dropped farther, and a guarantee is in place that the price paid to harvesters won’t decline for the remainder of the fishing season.

The focus is now on getting the season started in an orderly manner. They also need to ensure that they are back in the market with marketing efforts to promote N L’s quality product, because there has been an impact according to Loder. They also need to look at ways to improve the price setting purpose.

Loder says the Premier committed to reviewing the process. If the price setting process is going to work, he believes the panel will have to be binding on both parties.

The FFAW thanks the Premier for the involvement in bringing an end to the lengthy impasse between the Union and the Processors.

The Union will be meeting in Ottawa at a later date to address the EI component.