Coastal Puppet Name Winners

Shirley Jararuse is the Language Program Coordinator for Nunatsiavut Government here in Nain.

She say’s thank you to everybody that submitted their names for the Puppets for each community along the coast, and all names we’re great!

Prizes will be sent to all the winners.

She says Congratulations goes out to all the Puppet Naming Contest Winners along the coast.

The winners for Nain are; Kirsten Dicker who named her Atatsiak Sikepa (translated for Skipper).

Peyton Dicker naming her Anansiak Jessie.

Winners for Hopedale are; Tabea Jararuse naming her Atatsiak Jacko.

Sybil Hunter naming her Anansiak Selma.

For the community off Makkovik winners are; Kylan Pottle who named his Atatsiak Peta and his Anansiak Evie.

For the community of Postville winners; Jim Goudie who named his Atatsiak Ernald and his Anansiak Mary.

And for the town of Rigolet; Sherri Wolfrey who named her Atatsiak Archie and her Anansiak Elsa.