Coastal Ice Conditions

OKâlaKatiget contacted most of the communities for an update on the ice conditions along the coast.

In Nain, Sid Pain is with Ground Search and Rescue he says that with the continued warm temperatures, ice conditions along normal routes of travel north and south of Nain have many unsafe areas of new ice, thin ice, and holes, including along the regular trail between Nain and Natuashish.

He adds that travelling on the ice should still be done with extreme caution, take the time to test the thickness of the ice along your route, don’t think the ice is safe just because there is a track on it.

Barry Andersen is the AngajukKâk for Makkovik.

He says the Makkovik harbour ice is good right now, however, there is open water from Indian Head across to White Point, and from there, northwards is all open water.

At Makkovik Bay from Grassy Point up to the bottom of Makkovik Bay is all safe ice and from Grassy point northwards is open water.

Andersen adds that the lakes and ponds ice are all safe but use caution as there may be slob on ponds.

David Wolfrey is the Conservation Officer for Rigolet.

He says the ice is just starting to form now this passed week, people getting to their cabins, never had much ice due to warm weather, just starting to get enough ice to travel between Rigolet and North West River.