Changes to Vaccine Passport

Newfoundland and Labrador’s vaccine passport system comes into effect tomorrow, and the province has announced some changes to how the system will work in practice.

The changes come as part of the ID requirement to accompany the passport.

Haggie says ID requirements for those 18 and younger will remain the same, but for those over the age of 18, the rules become a bit looser.

He says there are two options: Someone can present one photo ID or two pieces of plain ID—both need to have the person’s name and at least one needs the person’s date of birth.

As well, the province has added staff at MCP offices across the province as people try to get their vaccine passports.

Backlogs have been created as people with lost or expired cards attempt to get them renewed so that they can access their QR codes.

According to Haggie, the backlogs have shown that people have let their cards lapse in numbers that government “didn’t appreciate.” He says someone’s vaccine record will suffice until a code is received.

Meanwhile, nine new cases of COVID-19 were announced in the province yesterday leaving 46 active cases. There is no update scheduled for today as the next figures are expected to be released on Friday.