Caribou trip info session (Audio)

There was a Caribou trip information session held the other evening on Wednesday, September 22nd at the Illusuak Cultural Centre.

Joseph Townley is the Wildlife Stewards Facilitator for Nunatsiavut Government.

He says it turned out really good, they had about 35-40 people attend the session.

They had a casual discussion to help develop caribou trips that will be taking place in Nain this winter.

Townley says that this is a pilot project to try to pass down traditional knowledge from the elders to the youth who never had the chance to go caribou hunting before.

He adds that he hopes it turn out well so they can continue on with this project next year for the other communities along the coast.

So, if anyone has any suggestions can bring them down to the Illusuak building.

Click here to hear Townley tell you more.