Nain Water Leaks Update

There was a lot of water leaks occurring in Nain all through last week mainly on Middle Path Road that included having the water shut off and across the brook.

Joe Dicker is the Nain Inuit Government Office AngajukKak.

He says those leaks have now been repaired, but there also some places in town where there are other leaks on Sand Banks Road.

The council crews have been busy daily throughout the whole ordeal since the leaks started, the residents have been very patient through this, and have been very happy for the work they have done or had to do.

Dicker says there are four other leaks on Sand Banks road, and the crew is working on a leak and checking whats required to be done from Stacy Dickers to Shanon Lidds place.

He says there will be more information if and when the water will be shut off later, but there is also a leak by David Dickers , Nancy Winters place and where Judy Rowell used to live and down by Rod Pilgrims.

Dicker says the council crew is short staffed, but they are working on the repairs, and it may also take about all this week to finish the water leak problems.

In the meantime, the garbage collection have been on hold until this morning, and garbage collectors have to catch up where its been three days behind.

Ok radio will have further information when the water situation once its available.