Black Sealskin Boot-Making Project on the Go

A black sealskin boot-making project is being done in stages, and is not yet completed.

Peggy Andersen is coordinating the sealskin boot-making in Nain, NL.

She says she’s broken down the boot-making into five stages.

The first stage was to get the sealskin pelts from Makkovik.

Andersen says the second and third stage was to clean the skins, taking off the fat and velum, and turning the sealskins over to shave the fur off, then putting them on a sealskin frame to dry.

The fourth and fifth stages of the project will be started again after Christmas.

That’s when they’ll cut out the patterns, soften the pieces, and start sewing the pieces together.

Andersen adds there are six people on the project: Krissy Holwell, Beni Ittulak, Mary and Donna Dicker, and Heather Angnatok, and the instructor is Margie Broomfield of Makkovik.

OK Radio will get back to Andersen after Christmas to get more information on the black boot making project, as this project is interesting to learn, and will hopefully help bring back the tradition.