4th Annual Wing Bee in Nain

There will be a Fourth Annual Wing-bee here in Nain on Tuesday & Wednesday, Feb. 12 & 13. Both events will be held at the Nunatsiavut Boardroom.

This helps gather data on migratory birds that are harvested in Nunatsiavut.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12th, from 10-12 & 1-4pm, they will be having a hands-on training session where you can learn how to identify and age different types of birds such as turr, tinker, pigeons, ducks, and geese. This will also be a good chance to learn why this information is important.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13th , from 10-12, there will be the actual 2019 Wing Bee where you can help sort wing samples and identify the species, age, and/or sex of the turr, tinker, bully bird, pigeon, and duck wings. Also identifying the age of the geese by the tail feathers and measuring the heads.

Please join in this event and get a chance to win a door prize.

For more information you can contact Inuit Research Advisor, Carla Pamak at 709 922 2380 or email her at carla_pamak@nunatsiavut.com.