3rd Annual Gussie Bennett Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament

This year marks the third annual Gussie Bennett Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament.

William Flowers is the organizer for the Co-ed Ball Hockey Tournament.

The tournament will take place up to the Jeremias Sillitt Community Centre.

The registration fee is $10 a player with 11 players maximum and seven players minimum for each team.

The team must consist of at least two females per team, with four on four on the tournament.

For 13 years and older, it will be from December 4th to December 6th, and for 12 years and younger will be on December 11th-13th.

If a player is under 18 years old, wearing a caged helmet and gloves are required, and indoor shoes are permitted.

The awards ceremony will be at a later date as Katie Suarak and Jimmy Bennett will be in camp!